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They really make a difference in my everyday life!

We live in a time when there’s an app for everything, whether it’s paying for train tickets ordering food at restaurants or collecting points at your local supermarket.

There’s an app for everything!

Some people like that, but others find the selection daunting, especially when we bring paid apps into the mix.

With that in mind, free apps are great, but sometimes it really is worth paying extra for the premium subscription.

That is why I decided to share 3 apps that I recently subscribed to that are seriously making a difference in my daily life…

1. Endel

The first app on my list is Endel, which is an app that I’ve written about before, and I highly recommend.

Endel is an audio app that creates personalised soundscapes that match your activities. With the help of AI, it helps you enhance focus, sleep, relax and power you through activities.

After trying out the app in my daily life, I just had to get the premium version as it was really making a difference in my life.

At present, I mainly use it when I really need to sit down and get on with some work. I’m actually using this app now to help me write this article.

Endel also proves to be great for when you need to relax and de-stress at work. For example, I tend to use this app a lot when I have a busy morning at work. I tend to go for a walk and listen to relaxing soundscapes.

I find that it really helps set me up for the afternoon shift. Furthermore, I also tend to use it when I travel to and from work, particularly before and after a busy day, as it helps me relax and feel more energised.

Endel has revolutionised my daily life, and I am very likely to stay subscribed to it for a long time, just because of how helpful it’s been.

Endel is available on numerous devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Alexa.

At the time of writing this article, Endel costs £8.99 per month, £26.99 for 3 months, £48.99 for 12 months or £249.99 for a lifetime subscription.

2. Setapp

The second app on the list is Setapp, and it’s primarily a macOS app, but depending on your subscription and with the help of your Mac, you can also download and licence premium apps on iOS.

Setapp is another app that I’ve written about before, and I can’t stop singing its praises!

It’s basically a subscription-based service for macOS and iOS which offers a large collection of premium apps for an affordable monthly subscription.

I am paying $12.49 per month, which provides me with access to over 200 apps, many of which also work with iOS.

Not only is the app helping me save a lot of money on separate subscriptions, but it has also helped me become more productive, as the primary apps I tend to use are productivity apps.

The app features some incredible apps such as Spark Mail, Ulysses, Craft, Bartender, CleanMyMac X and more.

As someone who only uses a base model MacBook Air, I particularly find CleanMyMac X helpful, as it’s helping me to keep my MacBook optimised and free of any unnecessary files that are taking up room.

As a paying customer, I can honestly say that the entire concept of this app is brilliant and incredibly helpful, especially for creators and small businesses. That is why I decided to leave my affiliate link here.

The best part is that you can try it free for 7 days, which is exactly what I did before deciding to subscribe.

3. Bublup

The 3rd and last app on the list is Bublup, which I’ve written about many times before, it’s just such a useful app!

Bublup is an app I used in the past, but I decided to take a short break from it to try other apps. But I have now started using it again in a slightly different way as I did in the past, and it really is making a difference.

Bublup is a tool that allows you to save, share and organise things in a whole new way. For example, I use it to save links to interesting articles, recipes, guides as well as links to my content.

But it doesn’t stop there, as I find it to be a great place to store everything in one place. For example, when I’m working on projects, I store everything in a project folder. This can include any links to documents, notes, task lists, pictures and more.

But where the app really becomes useful is when collaborating with others and sharing things. I can share an entire folder with a team, assign tasks to them using the To-Do list feature, and have them leave comments on files.

If I wanted to, I could even create a small webpage known as a Roll from a folder. It takes seconds to set up, and it’s a great way of showcasing your work as well as useful links. I’ve used a Roll on my websites to showcase all the products and services I can recommend. You can check it out here.

You can even use Bublup as a lead magnet!

As a paying customer, I currently spend $7.99 per month for the premium subscription, which provides me with access to a number of incredibly useful features. But there are other plans available.

Bublup has seriously helped me stay on top of things, especially with organising links to useful content, that is why I am leaving my affiliate link here.

Final Thoughts

There are many useful premium apps out there, but as a rule of thumb, I don’t tend to subscribe to the premium versions of these apps unless they can prove to impact my everyday life in some way.

Endel is a great example of an app that helps me get through the day, whether it’s keeping focused or trying to relax after a busy day.

Setapp has helped me discover great apps that are helping me stay productive while I use many of the apps I’ve had separate subscriptions to in the past, such as Spark and Ulysses. It has also helped me migrate to apps that are part of the subscription. For example, in the past, I used to always go with whichever VPN provider was cheaper, but ClearVPN is included as part of the subscription.

Finally, Bublup has helped me organise content as well as links to content I may find useful in the future. I have also started using it for collaborative projects, and it’s proven to be extremely useful.

But there are many other great premium apps available, these are 3 that I have recently subscribed to over the last couple of months.

What is your favourite subscription-based app? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.