Affiliate Disclaimer

There’s no other way to put this so I’m going to go straight to the point. As a content creator, I am also an affiliate, which means that I earn a commission from referring you to products and services. 

It’s what helps me pay for this website and create better content.

My Promise

I would only ever refer you to products that I honestly believe will add value to your life. These are often products that I use myself, have used myself or simply trust.

I would never promote anything that I wouldn’t trust or buy myself.

Brands I’m Currently Working With

  • Amazon: I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program where I earn from qualifying purchases. So every time you click an Amazon link on my website, YouTube channel or any of my social networks. I will likely earn a commission from any purchase you make.
  • As a paying customer of, I decided to join their affiliates program. I seriously believe in their product and use it on a daily basis to manage my everyday life. That’s why whenever I talk about the app, I would likely include an affiliate link to the premium version of the app.
  • Bublup: Bublup is a tool I primarily use for organising interesting content and articles I may want to go back to in the future.
  • Convert Kit: Convert Kit is the platform I write my weekly newsletter on. I think it’s a brilliant platform, particularly if you’re just starting out like me.
  • NordPass: Having migrated to the premium version of NordPass a few months ago, I think that it is an outstanding product that features many useful features including the support for Passkeys, which is just incredible! 
  • NordVPN: As someone who often travels for work using public transport and works from cafes from time to time. I use the premium version of NordVPN to keep me safe whilst connected to Public WiFi hotspots. Once again, I think that it’s a brilliant product and it works incredibly well. I haven’t really had any issues with it as of yet.
  • Paperlike: The Paperlike screen protector is another product I use and was actually quite sceptical about buying it in the first place, but I decided to bite the bullet and buy it anyway, and wow was I wrong! The Screen Protector was a great investment! 
  • SetApp: SetApp is an app subscription service I recently discovered and I am glad to say that I am a big fan! It allows me to use multiple premium apps at an affordable monthly price!
  • An app I personally use for booking hotels and train tickets.