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I’ve been a Setapp user for around a month and I can honestly say that it’s a lifesaver, particularly as it’s helping me to save money and be more productive.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Setapp, it’s basically a subscription-based service for macOS and iOS which offers a large collection of premium apps for an affordable fixed monthly subscription.

I currently pay $12.49 per month and I have access to both Mac and iOS apps, which, I think, is a bargain considering the fact that it provides you with access to over 240 apps!

I like to refer to Setapp as the Netflix of app stores.

Anyway, in this article, I would like to share my top 5 apps that I use and are available on Setapp…

1. Spark

Spark has got to be one of my favourite email apps of all time. I like the app so much that when I returned to it after a break, I ended up paying for premium!

At present, I have an active subscription to Spark through the App Store, but Spark is also available through Setapp, which I am incredibly happy about!

Spark offers a new way of managing your inbox and reaching Inbox Zero, and if you’re wondering what the Inbox Zero method is, this article explains it extremely well.

Spark has many useful features that help you manage your emails faster without missing anything important. The app automatically puts your emails into categories, which you can mark as done if you don’t need to read those particular emails.

For example, within 1 swipe, I can archive all of my notification emails. These types of emails are usually just noise, and I can read what the notification is just by looking at the subject line. I only tend to go into those emails if I need to find out more; otherwise, I mark the entire category as done.

Spark also has some other incredibly useful features such as Gatekeeper, +AI and more!

2. Ulysses

Ulysses is my favourite app for writing, as a matter of fact, I’m currently writing this article on Ulysses.

I’ve been writing blog posts for many years, and I’ve always struggled to write on apps such as Word, as I didn’t like the overall experience.

My primary blogging platform is WordPress, and as much as I love the platform, there are many times when the built-in editor has failed me.

That’s where Ulysses comes in. Ulysses is a basic writing app that allows me to write using markup, which is just so much easier and faster!

Ulysses also comes packed with features, such as the ability to publish directly to platforms such as WordPress and Medium through the app.

It also has a built-in proofreader which seriously helps me write better content, I mean we’re all humans, and we all make mistakes!

3. CleanMyMac X

Third on the list has got to be CleanMyMac X. My current MacBook is the base model M1 MacBook Air, which I’m a big fan of.

However, it is the base model, which means that it only has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. That’s why keeping my MacBook tidy is important to me.

As it says on the name, CleanMyMac X helps you clean your Mac of any system junk, it sweeps away hidden files, removes malware and keeps your Mac optimised.

I think that CleanMyMac X is one of those apps that you don’t know you need until you tried it for yourself.

I mean, before I subscribed to Setapp it wasn’t an app that crossed my mind, but after giving it a go, I can seriously recommend it!

The app even helps you uninstall apps, clean leftovers, update your apps and more.

One of the most useful features is that it helps you see what files are taking up most of your space, which is great if you only have 256 GB of storage space.

4. Session

I’m a big fan of the Pomodoro technique, I would even go as far as saying that it got me through university.

The Pomodoro technique is simple, you start a 25-minute timer and during the 25 minutes, you can’t do anything but the task you set out to do. After the 25 minutes is up, you are treated with a 5-minute break, before the process starts again.

I know that this may sound basic and strange to some people, but it really helps with long projects such as coursework, study and any long projects that involve repetitive tasks.

Session is a great app as it allows me to track the amount of time I spend doing certain tasks, and it syncs with my calendar to ensure I stay on top of things.

One of my favourite things about the app is that it allows me to log how focused I feel after completing a Pomodoro session.

5. Craft

The last app on my list is Craft

Craft really is a breath of fresh air, the app is beautifully designed and works incredibly well. You can use it as your notebook, word processor, your To-do list and even your personal organiser.

I’ve mainly been using Craft as my study and personal development notebook, but I am looking at other ways I can utilise the app.

The interface and the way it works are what make the app a winner in my books (no pun intended). But it genuinely is a really nice app.

The app has even won the App Store Awards for Mac App of the Year, which doesn’t surprise me.

I’ve spoken a lot about the app, but I also want to elaborate on the notes because when I export notes to PDF or if I would like to print them, they are so incredibly clean.

Final Thoughts

I am still new to Setapp, but I am constantly discovering new apps, but these are my current top 5.

I think that Setapp is great for people like me who are either a returning Mac user or are completely new to the operating system.

One of my favourite features of Setapp is that it has a built-in assistant, so if you need an app to do a certain thing, you can simply ask it, and it will provide you with a close match.

Setapp haven’t sponsored me to write this article, but as a paying customer, I can’t stop singing its praises, that’s why I am leaving my affiliate link in case you want to check the app out for yourself.

If you are a Setapp user, I would love to hear your app recommendations!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.