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Hi I'm Dominik and welcome to Tech With Dom. I'm a passionate tech enthusiast and IT specialist with many skills ranging from building and repairing computers, web development, programming and networking.

I run the Tech With Dom YouTube channel where I produce video tutorials, tech reviews and vlogs. If you want to get I touch check out my contact page.


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I first became interested in technology at a young age, In fact, I think it was cartoons like Inspector Gadget that really got my interested in gadgets and tech.

My first computer was from a brand called Tiny which is no longer in existence, it was running on Windows 98 and I can't remember the specs but the computer that really started my interest in the computer side of technology and my career in IT was a second hand Dell Optiplex GX280. This was a computer running on Windows XP with an Intel Pentium 4 processor, a 40GB hard drive and 1 GB of RAM. I took this computer apart, upgraded it and broke things but that's how I learned about computers, I soon after built my very first computer.

I soon started studying towards a Level 3 diploma in IT System Support which covered a range of IT areas such as networking, computer hardware, and programming.

Currently, I'm a University Graduate, I studied an undergraduate degree in computing for 4 years including a 1-year work placement in IT support.

The Tech With Dom Project

Five years ago I decided that I wanted to start sharing my experience with others so I decided to start a blog called Dominik's Computing Blog, unfortunately, the blog failed, I decided to open a YouTube channel alongside which helped in driving traffic but it was still a failure due to the amount of traffic.

After doing several online courses and a long pause in creating content and several unsuccessful YouTube relaunches, I rebranded my channel to Tech With Dom, which made it easier for people to find me and I started creating content that people found useful.

Today my YouTube channel is growing at a much faster speed than ever before. I decided to create this website where apart from my videos, I will share my experiences in written form.