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It’s all about using the correct apps that work for you!

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has been my daily driver since December, and I think it’s a brilliant phone. I mean, it’s not the latest phone from Apple, but does that really matter?

I guess the main thing that matters is that the phone works for me incredibly well, especially when it comes to productivity.

The main reason I decided to return to the iPhone was because of all the apps that I missed having on my Google Pixel 7 Pro. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the Google Pixel 7 Pro is an excellent phone, but it was the apps that made the real difference for me with my last iPhone.

That is why I decided to share the productivity apps that I use on my iPhone, as well as some of the things I do to help me be more productive.

So, in no particular order, here are the things that are on my iPhone…

Apple Reminders

Before I switched to Android over 2 years ago, I was a massive fan of Things 3. I used the app for practically everything and when I switched to Android, I found it incredibly difficult to find a substitute that was good enough.

When I moved back to the iPhone, something strange happened. I found myself no longer enjoying Things 3, I mean it’s a great app, but it just wasn’t working for me.

The app that did work for me, and it’s one that I continue to use today, is Apple Reminders, I mean, can you blame me? The app has a nice interface, and it works incredibly well with the Apple ecosystem.

I can view my reminders on my watch, use Siri to set reminders and, most importantly of all, I can organise my reminders into groups.

Apple Calendar

Staying on with the Apple apps, my current go-to calendar app is Calendar, which works incredibly well on both my phone and my watch.

I currently use the Apple Calendar app because I don’t see the need to pay for a subscription to apps like Fantastical, which is a brilliant calendar app by the way. I guess it’s because I only use the calendar app once or twice per day.

I am, however, thinking about moving to Notion Calendar because I do tend to use Notion and the ability to have some events appear in my calendar app is a real game-changer.

The one thing that is stopping me from moving is the fact that it doesn’t have an Apple Watch app.

Apple Notes

My current notebook app is Apple Notes. I like it because it’s basic and does the job incredibly well.

I like the fact that I can put notes into folders and have everything organised, in a clean and easy-to-use app.

I use Apple Notes for all sorts of things, such as noting down ideas and taking quick notes.

I like how the app just works when I need it to and that I don’t need to wait for my notes to sync like I do with some apps.


I have Notion installed on my iPhone, but I don’t tend to use it very regularly.

Many of you may find this surprising, but to me, Notion is a knowledge and project management system. For the majority of things I use Notion for, I prefer to do on my iPad or my MacBook.

Notion is a powerful app that just keeps getting better, but the one area where I feel the app doesn’t work for me is their smartphone app.

To cut to the chase, I just don’t enjoy the app on a smartphone, which is why I have it installed as a reference if I ever need access to something when I’m not near my iPad or MacBook.


Galarm is the second reminder app that I use daily, but I don’t tend to use it as a standard to-do list app. Allow me to explain…

Galarm isn’t a standard to-do list app, it’s a social alarm and reminders app that helps you, your friends and your family stay on top of things in a whole new way.

I tend to use Galarm for urgent reminders and when working from home or out in the field.

As an IT engineer, there are times when I’m away from my desk for extended periods of time, making it easy to miss meetings and other important calls. That’s where Galarm comes in handy.

With the help of Galarm, I can set an alarm for the time the meeting starts as well as a pre-alarm which will give me enough time to get back to my desk or a device I can attend the meeting on.

The possibilities with this app are endless!


This is possibly one of my favourite apps on this list, it’s also one that I use every single day for numerous things, such as when I’m trying to focus, relax, sleep or go for walks.

Endel is an audio app that creates personalised soundscapes that match your activities. With the help of artificial intelligence, the app helps you to enhance focus, sleep, and relax, and it can help power you through activities.

I use Endel for a number of things, such as during my break at work when I go out for walks, as it helps me feel refreshed for the afternoon.

I’m even using it to focus while I write this blog post!


I’m a massive fan of the Pomodoro technique, as it helps me get through long tasks and projects. It’s also the method I used at university for writing assignments, as well as both of my dissertations.

I’ve used many Pomodoro apps in the past, but the one I currently use is Session.

I mainly use the app because of the analytics it provides and because it syncs with my calendar, which helps me stay on track.

It was thanks to this app that I discovered Setapp, which is like Netflix for apps. Setapp is a Mac app but, some apps can be installed on iOS and Session is a great example.

I pay $12.49 per month for Setapp, and it provides me with access to over 240 premium apps, which, I think, is great. I like the app so much that I even decided to become an affiliate as I genuinely do like the app, that is why I am leaving my affiliate link here.

Awesome Habits: Habit Tracker

I want to improve my habits this year, but I need a way to keep track of them. I tried many apps, but I found that they just weren’t working for me.

That is when I remembered that I had a Setapp subscription, so I had a look to see what I had access to, and I discovered Awesome Habits.

After downloading it and using it for a few days, I discovered that I was using it more often than I was using any of the other apps.

I think the fact that the app has a great interface and that it integrates with my watch and Apple Health is what is making the difference for me.


I’ve been using Bublup for a number of things, such as saving and organising links to content I enjoyed or may find useful in the future. It works great with guides and recipes. I also use it for research, blogging and a number of other things.

Bublup has some incredibly useful features such as the ability to create task lists, notes, and the ability to create Google Documents directly from a folder within the app. This makes collaborating with others easy, and quite fun.

But my favourite feature by far has got to be the Rolls feature, which allows me to create a website from a folder. That is exactly what I have done with my things I recommend page. Best of all, it doesn’t take long to make!

I primarily use Bublup on my phone to save links and things I find online that I may want to come back to later. I think that this is a simple use case, but it helps me stay organised and on top of things.

As a paying customer, I highly recommend the app, that is why I am leaving my affiliate link here. I think it’s a great app and well worth the try.


My all-time favourite email app has got to be Spark! The app brings a new breath of light on how I manage my emails, it also helps me save a huge amount of time by blocking out the noise.

I primarily use Spark on my iPhone, as I mainly tend to check my emails in the mornings and evenings during my commute on the train to and from the office.

The smartphone app is well-built and makes it a joy to manage your emails. To save even more time, I can use the +AI feature to help me generate replies and, in some cases, even write emails.

Based on my experience with the app, I seriously think that it’s worth getting premium, as it makes a huge difference. But, the app is also available through Setapp!

My iPhone Setup

Last but not least, I wanted to talk about my iPhone setup.

The awesome-looking widget I am using on my Home Screen is the At a Glance Widgy Widget, which really makes use of that Home Screen.

I mean, it just looks phenomenal and provides me with important information to help me stay on top of things throughout the day.

Underneath the Widgy widget, I have links to the apps I use most often such as X, Awesome Habits, Bublup as well some other apps.

Here’s the cleaver bit, with the help of Focus modes, my Home Screen layout changes based on the mode I have active.

For example, I created a Focus mode called Focus, which I use when I need to sit down and get on with things.

When it’s enabled, all I have on the Home Screen is the At A Glance widget, with no app shortcuts. The second page has a widget from my pomodoro timer app Session.

When I have work mode enabled, the shortcuts change to apps I use at work, such as Teams and Outlook as an example.

For my wallpapers, I mainly tend to use my photos, but there are times when I use apps such as Wallcraft, where you can find some pretty awesome wallpapers.

Final Thoughts

I’m constantly looking for new ways of improving my iPhone setup, but this setup in its current form seems to be working best for me, especially when it comes to productivity.

Now it’s your turn, what are your favourite productivity apps that you use on your smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links.