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After daily driving the Google Pixel 6 Pro for a while, I decided it was time to share some of the apps and settings that make my overall experience of using the Pixel 6 Pro just so much better!

I’ve had many Pixel phones over the years, starting with the Google Pixel 2 back in their early days and I always liked their devices. The Pixel 6 Pro is their top-of-the-range model at present and whilst there are things I dislike about it, I still think it’s a great phone!

Before we get to the stuff I have on my phone, I just wanted to mention the cases I use with my phone. At present, I use two cases including the original Pixel 6 Pro case and the Caseology Vault case both of which are pretty decent. You can read more about my accessories in my dedicated article which can be found here.

Wallpaper App

I love cool-looking wallpapers, that’s why I use Wallcraft, an app that features some pretty awesome wallpapers for everyone. 

I’ve been using this app for a while and have actually purchased the premium because I have yet to come across an app that features better wallpapers. 

The app is well built and features different types of wallpapers such as Parallax, double and even video wallpapers. There’s just so much to choose from. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a way of sharing the link to the one I currently use.

Wallcraft is available on both Android and IOS and it works extremely well on both platforms. I currently use wallpapers from the app on my secondary phone the iPhone SE 2020 edition.

Folders Widget

I like to keep the apps I use organised. The Folders Widget app helps me achieve just that. It allows me to bundle apps in a clean and good-looking bubble on my home screen. Now I am aware that you can bundle apps into folders by default, but this app just makes it look so much cleaner and you don’t need to open a folder to open an app.

The app makes the overall experience of using my phone just so much more efficient, especially when I’m in a hurry. For example, if I’m running to catch a train, I don’t want to be looking for the app that contains my ticket, I just want to have access in a clean and easy-to-find way.

To-Do List App

If you’ve followed me for a while now, you know that I absolutely love the Things app, unfortunately, it’s an IOS-only app so I had to find something new. I tried many apps and didn’t get on with most, that’s when I discovered TickTick.

TickTick is a pretty awesome To-Do list app that features some epic features such as the Eisenhower matrix, voice input, a calendar and various other cool features. You can check out the full feature list on their website.


I’ve had a funny relationship with Notion over the past few years. I’ve used it religiously at university but now that I fully graduated, there was a time when I fully stopped using it to manage my life, but only my YouTube channel. You can read more about my decision here

I currently use Notion more as a project management tool to manage the Tech With Dom project and I have considered moving back but I still think it should be integrated better within the mobile ecosystem which is where I mainly manage my everyday life. However, this may soon change after Notion acquired the Cron calendar app. Now I never used or even looked into Cron, but judging by their website, it actually looks pretty cool, but would they integrate the two apps into one and will that be enough for me to fully move back to Notion, I guess time will tell.

Notes App

At present, my favourite note app has got to be Google Keep, it’s an app I’ve been using from the very beginning and I honestly love it!

They say that ideas come during some of the most inconvenient times, like when you’re down at the pub with your mates for example. Google Keep’s basic approach allows you to take note of that idea without having to do anything extra to save the note or idea down, it just works and it was a life saver for me a number of times, particularly when I was writing both of my dissertations.


Discovering the Spark App has been a real treat for me and my email inbox and productivity. It’s a whole new way of managing your emails and I absolutely love the Inbox Zero approach it provides. It’s easily the best email app I ever used. You can check out my full review here.


VN Video editor is an app I recently discovered after searching for a decent video editor app for Android, mainly for editing TikTok‘s, Shorts and Reels. The app provides many features in its free tier and is a joy to use! I will definitely be doing a review on this app, so stay tuned!


The Google Pixel 6 Pro has been in my life for a while now and it’s easy to say that I absolutely love the phone and I’m doing a series on my YouTube channel covering it. You can find it here. Hopefully, you’ve also checked out the video above where I show some of these apps in action. If you want to see how the phone performs on a day in my life, you can check out the video down below…