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Buy Refurbished

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You may be wondering what the difference is between the second hand and refurbished is. There are many categories that laptops or any tech product can be sold as the two most popular are second hand and refurbished. But what’s the difference you may ask. To simply put it the difference is that a second-hand laptop is second hand, this usually means that no work has been done to it to make it newer. For example, Jack graduated earlier this year and is selling his 3-year-old laptop on eBay, Jack doesn’t really know much about computers, but he reset the laptop to factory settings. This is the perfect example of a second-hand laptop where no hardware has been replaced or upgraded, just a standard second-hand laptop.

On the other hand, Emily is an IT Technician who is selling her laptop because she upgraded to a newer model. Since the laptop is almost 4 years old, she decides to upgrade the storage to a brand new and larger Solid State Drive (SSD), add more RAM and replace the battery with a brand new one. She changes the thermal paste inside so that the temperatures are smooth and she gives the laptop a good clean before reinstalling Windows 10. This is what a refurbished laptop should look like. In my spare time, I like to refurbish computers and laptops and make videos of the process which I later post on my YouTube channel. I always tend to test the battery, yes I know that there isn’t any real good way in testing the battery, unless you know a way and can let me know in the comments? In terms of storage devices, I never tend to leave hard drives as storage devices because they are slow and SSD’s are the way forward.

However, it’s important to understand that sellers can list items however they like and sometimes they list items as refurbished when in fact they aren’t or they just restored it to factory settings in which case that means they are just second hand. It’s always good to read the descriptions to make sure what you are buying is refurbished or second hand. If this information is not available to you, it might be worthwhile contacting the seller and asking how exactly they have been refurbished if that is what you are looking for.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying refurbished

Refurbished laptops usually have been checked up to make sure they are working properlyIt might be being missold as refurbished – always contact the seller to make sure it is!
They may contain new hardware e.g. battery, SSD, RAMRefurbished is still used, it may contain signs of wear and tear and might not last as long as a new laptop
They usually have been given a new lease of life and should last longer than a second-hand laptop
Price – They are still cheaper compared to new laptops of similar specs.

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