How to Free up Space on Windows 10

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1. Delete unused files

Files such as photos, documents, music and videos can take up a lot of storage space, particularly if you have a smaller drive. Simply deleting these or moving them to an external storage location like a portable hard drive will save you a lot of storage space!

2. Uninstall unwanted programs and apps

Certain programs can take up a lot of storage space, especially games. Simply uninstalling them will allow you to save space!

3. Clean your disk

No, I don’t mean physically cleaning it! I mean cleaning it with software! Windows comes pre-installed with a basic tool called Disk Clean up but I personally recommend another tool called CCleaner which can be downloaded free of charge! 

It offers more cleaning features compared to disk cleanup allowing you to save more space!

4. Scan your PC using Win Dir Stat

The tools featured so far offer a basic way of cleaning your PC. This next way will offer a more advanced clean!

Win Dir Stat is an excellent tool I use religiously! It scans your hard drive or hard drives and creates a cool chart showing you where storage is used more. From there, you can delete the files you no longer need.

Just bear in mind that these contain both system files and your own files, so proceed with caution. If you are not sure what a file is, I would Google it. I also recommend creating a restore point before you proceed.