Best iPad Apps for Students in 2021!

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Are you a student or do you just want to go paperless? In this article, we check out some of the best iPad apps to boost your productivity and allow you to go paperless! 

I will recommend the top apps I used as an undergrad and a masters Computer Science Student

Let’s go…


1. Notion Best For Getting Organised!

Best iPad Apps for Students in 2021!


Notion has helped me get organised in a variety of areas including uni work, YouTube and my personal life.  It’s packed with many features such as project management, note-taking and more. I mainly used it to manage my projects and as a file manager to organise my University work. Notion is available on almost all mobile devices and web.


2. Good Notes Best for handwritten notes!

Best iPad Apps for Students in 2021!


If like me, you prefer handwritten notes, Goodnotes is for you! This paid app is worth every penny and is available on iPad, Mac and iPhone so you can take your notes with you on the go! I use Goodnotes for many things, but mainly taking notes during lectures because it allows me to make notes and draw diagrams fast as you would on paper.  It even allows me to annotate and import existing academic literature! 

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3. Grammarly Student Must Have!

Best iPad Apps for Students in 2021!


Grammarly is an absolute must-have for students! As the name suggests, it helps with your grammar, spelling and so much more! It also checks for plagiarism and the correct style of writing. This is one of the best services I ever paid for whilst at Uni. Not only did it help me determine what language to use for academic writing, but it also helped me improve my writing skills. It’s available on multiple platforms including Chrome and Word! It’s actually checking my writing now!

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4. Drafts Great for All Apple Devices

Best iPad Apps for Students in 2021!
Best iPad Apps for Students in 2021!


Drafts is another lifesaver that helped enormously with my master’s thesis. It allows you to record notes and ideas particularly when you’re out and about which you can later use in your work. I don’t know about you but for me, ideas come to mind in the most inconvenient times and by the time I find a notebook and pen I forget the idea. Drafts has enabled me to record ideas from my Apple Watch for my thesis, blog and YouTube channel!

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5. Command Best Browser for Research!

Best iPad Apps for Students in 2021!


Command browser is something I recently discovered and I wish I discovered it sooner! It allows you to highlight text on websites with your Apple Pencil and send it to a journal which you can access at any time and use for your research!

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6. Library Default app by Apple, great for research and not only!

Best iPad Apps for Students in 2021!


The Library app on my iPad has enabled me to keep all my books together and listen to audiobooks whilst on the go. It’s simple but that’s all you really need! 

Other Apps Recommend any apps I haven't mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

There are tons of cool apps out there, I simply can’t cover them all! But if I missed something let us know in the comments.

Other than the apps mentioned above, I also recommend installing Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader!

Things I recommend with this article The things I have purchased to make my productivity life at Uni better!