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There are many cool gadgets out there, some are just novelties, some are useful and some are extremely satisfying like this awesome light by Ecolor. Not only is this lamp fun for the entire family but it’s actually practical and can be used in many scenarios such as camping, epic gaming setups and as night lights. 

Short Review

I think that the egg light by Ecolor is great. Not only are the colours vibrant but the app is exceptionally easy to set up and use. Perfect as a gift or as an addition to your gaming setup!

✅ Things I like

  • Plenty of Vibrant Colours and scenes to choose from
  • Well built app
  • Very easy to connect using the app
  • Great battery life
  • Multiple uses
  • Has a strap that can be used to hang the light up or use as a stand
  • Portable
  • Light to carry
  • Feels good
  • 3 levels of brightness to choose from
  • It can be set to react to sound such as music

❌ Things I don’t like

I’ve got to be honest in my reviews and provide a genuine opinion and review of the products I test. It’s not often I am speechless with the things I don’t like about a product because there’s always something that can be improved. However, in this case, Ecolor has an amazing product here and I can’t say a single bad thing about it!

My Full Review

My First Impressions

The box is simple in design and was easy to open. The packaging is straight to the point and minimal, the first thing you see inside of the box is the product itself followed by the charger, instructions manual, and a handy strap. I was surprised by how good the lamp felt to the touch. It felt smooth and almost soft, you could feel the quality of the item. The lamp was already partially charged out of the box so I was able to turn it on after the unboxing without a single charge. The lamp actually lasted a very long time without needing a recharge!

Overall my first impressions are very positive and based on them I would without a doubt recommend this product to a friend. However, my blog wouldn’t be called Tech With Dom, if I haven’t been testing the product for at least a week to give you a better opinion, so that’s what I have done…

The App

The app was quick to download, I downloaded it using the QR code provided onto my iPhone 8 Plus. As shown in the video, setting up the app was very quick and easy, I didn’t even realize that it connected when it did. That’s what I like to see! Simple, quick, and hassle-free. 

The app has a beautiful and minimal interface which makes using it a pleasure. They used that straight-to-the-point approach, they used in the packaging. Whilst it’s nice to see manufacturers do cool stuff to the packaging, a simple approach is also very appreciated.

The app allows us to choose from a number of scenes and it allows us to enable the mode where it reacts to sound and music. In terms of usability, its minimal approach makes the app extremely easy to use and navigate. In fact, I like the app so much, I added it to my post on my favourite iPhone Apps for 2022! This can be found below…

The Lamp

The lamp itself has a Micro-USB charging port which is covered by a rubber flap. I imagine this was done to keep dust and moisture out. Now I agree that in this day and age, we should be looking at USB-C but for devices like this, I honestly think it doesn’t matter, which is why I didn’t add it as a disadvantage. But that’s not to say that it shouldn’t be implemented in future versions.

The lamp has a single button on it which you can use to power it on and off with a 3-second long press, press once to change the scene, and double click to change the brightness.

There is also an option to attach the included strap which can be used to hang the lamp up and as a stand!

How I used it during the week

I started off by using it on my desk as a desk lamp, I used it in two different ways. The first way was as a gaming lamp, for this I turned the brightness down to the lowest setting as I didn’t need it to provide much light. At the same time, I also activated a lighting scene through Philips Hue which turns my light blue and turns my other gaming light on. This proved to be a perfect addition as it looked awesome! The second way was as a work light. I set the light to the medium setting of the beige scene and I was able to use it to work at my desk with it.

I also used it as a bedside lamp, with the beige scene set to full brightness and the colour mode as a night light. It’s fair to say it didn’t disappoint, as it was able to provide enough light.

Whilst Britain is quite cold at night, I managed to test it whilst sitting around the garden table with family and I can confirm that the lamp provided enough light for us to use outside.

The Verdict

Overall, I think that this is an awesome product and I would definitely recommend it! It’s one of these gadgets you can continue using and never get bored of it. The light show it provides is absolutely amazing and can be enjoyed by the entire family. 

The Video

My full video can be found below. Be sure to check it out on YouTube and leave a comment and a like!