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Studying computer science can be really good fun, especially when it comes to practicals. But have you ever thought about sharing that fun and experience in a blog? There are many benefits of blogging as a computer science student and to be fair blogging as a student. In this article, I will go over some of the reasons why you should start a blog as a computer science student.

As a recent computer science graduate, I can definitely recommend having a blog to document your studies. I mainly used my blog as a diary to summarise the things I learned during lectures and in my own time. It proved to be a tremendous help to me and to friends who were on the same course as we were able to refer to my posts as a starting point for our assignments and research.

Having a blog has other advantages too and it doesn’t matter what course you are studying. 

It shows potential employers that you are active in that area

Going to that interview can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t have anything to show your potential employers. Following the advice from John Sonmez from Simple Programmer, I decided to start a blog. It was a good thing I did because when it came to searching for my 12-month work placement I actively advertised my blog on my CV, cover letter, and application. I had a total of 5 interviews and I got offered places at 3, those were the 3 that stated that they liked my blog. From my personal experience, I think that having a blog sets you apart from the others being interviewed.

It’s a good place to host your work portfolio

My blog was arguably my work portfolio, I was treating it as a diary. However, I included a specific section for projects which I could use to show potential employers, these were usually my best projects.

You can earn money

If your blog becomes popular, you can actually make money from it in your sleep! This can be achieved through ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships. It’s the perfect way to earn money as a student.

You can build your personal brand and get your name out there

By building your own personal brand you have the ability to get your name out there, after all, you never know when someone from a dream company might just find you. Successfully building your own personal brand shows employers that you are capable of doing the job and that you are professional.

Meet new people

You can meet new and interesting people that may help you succeed or you might just help them to succeed. It’s all about getting your name out there!

How has having a blog helped me?

My student blog helped me a lot and whilst I’m no longer a student, I am thinking of restarting my student blog as a place to log my learning away from my main blog. Life is full of learning and I strongly believe that learning should be logged as it will help others to learn. At the end of the day, knowledge is all about collaborating on new ideas and a blog is the perfect way to do it, even if you just use it as a diary.

When my student blog was active, it allowed me to meet some interesting people and share my experiences with the world. It also showed employers that I know what I’m talking about. It helped to get my name out there. I constantly get emails being sent to my blog account about partnerships and job openings.

Have you ever thought about starting a blog or do you have a blog? Let us know in the comments!