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Over the past year, I made many cool tech investments and some have arguably changed my life! As a tech enthusiast and gadget nerd, I love checking out new gear but these have particularly changed the way I live for the better.

2021 saw the release of some awesome new gadgets such as the Apple Air Tag and the Beats Studio Buds. As a hobbyist, I can’t afford to spend a huge amount of money on the latest tech, that’s why I had to justify making purchase decisions. 


1. Apple AirPods Pro



Released at the end of October 2019, they are still legendary and well worth the investment. I can honestly say that I can’t live without them! Not only are they small enough to take with you on the go, but they also sound great, have active noise cancelling and transparency mode! My 6-month review can be found on my YouTube channel or by clicking this link.

What I Like Most

It’s definitely the sound quality, they sound premium, have great bass and sit well in my ears. They are also light and I often forget they are in my ears.

What I Think Should Improve

The one thing that definitely needs to improve is the material the case is made out of. I find that it scratches too easily.

My Review

2. Apple Watch SE



It may not be the latest or the best model, the Apple Watch SE was the perfect addition to my everyday tech carry. I know the series 7 is far more impressive than the SE, but I just couldn’t justify spending the extra on the later models. The SE fully meets my requirements and is an epic smartwatch, well worth my recommendation. I purchased the Nike edition as the strap looked better and it had more watch faces to choose from.

What I Like Most

It will definitely have to be the health tracking features. I like the idea of filling activity rings throughout the day and it tracks my activities well.

What I Think Should Improve

This is more of a generic Apple Watch thing, but I think we should have a greater selection of watch faces available. From what I remember on WearOS smartwatches, there was a greater selection. 

3. iPad Pro 2020



The iPad Pro 2020 edition definitely hits the top 3 of my list. It practically got me through my final year at Uni and has become my main computer. it’s perfect for research, to hold your eBook library on, watch movies and even write blog posts. The possibilities are endless! 

What I Like Most

The way it functions compared to other tablets, split-screen is excellent and the iPad has become my main computer!

What I Think Should Be Improved

It has definitely got to be the Quick Notes feature. Whilst it’s an excellent feature, I would prefer if I had a selection of which Notes App I could use.

4. Ring Doorbell

By Steve Garfield


The Ring Doorbell has revolutionised my smart home. It’s one of those things that helps you in so many ways such as security and being able to communicate with carriers to tell them which neighbour to leave my parcel with.

What I Like Most

The idea of being able to communicate with people at my door when away

What Should Be Improved

Support for Apple Homekit is number one on my list. Whilst it can be added through Homebridge, it would be nice to see actual support. It would also be nice to hear the chime on the Amazon Echo.

5. Xiaomi Monitor Lamp

Xiaomi Monitor Bar Light


The Xiaomi Monitor Lamp is a great addition to any workspace. Not only is it stylish but it’s also practical and saves space on my desk. This is actually my second monitor lamp, in the past, I had a generic one which was alright but Xiaomi’s version is just so much better in terms of quality, style and features.

What I Like Most

It has got to be the wireless remote it comes with. Not only is the remote stylish, but it also controls the brightness and hue. My previous lamp had a wired control which I found was difficult to locate when I needed it. I ended up using Blu-Tack to tape it to the back of the monitor, but with this, it’s just far more convenient! The lamp also has a USB-C connector which I like to see!

What Should Be Improved

My only complaint about the lamp is that the clamp isn’t great and I often find that it slips just slightly. But that could be due to the shape and material of my monitor. 

6. Curve Card


I can honestly say that I can’t live without my Curve Card! It allows me to combine all my cards into one. Now, this may sound useless to people who use services such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can actually add your Curve Card to these services! As someone who uses Apple Pay, I still find this useful. The main reasons are that it allows me to use cash points and it stops me from having to take my massive bulged wallet with me. In fact, ever since I got my Curve Card, I never carry my wallet with me, instead, I carry my MagSafe Card pouch which I store my Curve Card in.

My referral link: 

What I Like Most

The fact that I no longer have to carry my bulged wallet with me and the fact that it allows me to go back in time and change my payment card.

What Should Be Improved

The main thing that I think should be improved is the membership tiers and what they have to offer, at present I think the next tier up from free is rather pricey.

7. Razer Kiyo



A decent webcam is essential during times where many of us have to work online. The Razer Kiyo may look bulky but I can honestly say it’s a great camera and a huge improvement from my previous one. The main thing that sets this webcam apart from others is the ring light which makes to picture look more professional.

What I Like Most

It has definitely got to be the ring light. My desk is located in a room with a small window where it is hard to find brightness. However, with the help of this webcam, my streams look far more professional.

What I Think Should Improve

That’s actually a difficult one as the webcam is actually quite good. But if there was one thing it would be the video quality. This is something that many webcams need to improve, so I’m not picking on this one specifically.

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What’s the best tech investment you made in 2021? Let us know in the comments!