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Over the past few years, I’ve struggled to find an email app that works well for my needs and up until recently I didn’t think I’ll actually find one, that’s until I discovered Spark. I’ve been using a wide range of email apps at the same time, dependant on the email account I was trying to access. For example, Outlook was my go-to app for my university email account and Mail was my go-to for everything else. Now don’t get me wrong, Outlook and Mail are still decent apps worth checking out, they didn’t work for me. It’s important you find an app that works for you, as not only will you enjoy using it, it will also make you more productive!

Spark is an epic email app that is currently available on IOS, iPadOS, Mac and Android and for those who like me, still can’t get away from Windows, a web and Windows version is coming and I can’t wait!

Why Spark

As mentioned above, I’ve used many email apps over the years, but none of them worked for me and I often found myself switching between the apps. That’s until I discovered Spark, I’ve been with the app for many months now and can’t imagine moving to another app! Below are the main reasons I decided to use Spark as my daily driver…

Inbox Zero

As someone who is using the Inbox Zero technique to manage email, it is important that the app I use easily allows me to archive emails. Now, most, if not all email apps allow you to do this but it’s the experience that matters. Spark is designed for Inbox Zero and allows me to follow its principles extremely well.

Now at this stage, you’re probably thinking what on earth is the Inbox Zero technique? It’s a technique of managing your emails with the aim of keeping your inbox empty without leaving your emails unactioned.

Smart Inbox

The second reason I decided to switch to Spark is the Smart Inbox feature. It collects emails from all the email accounts you’re logged in on through the app and it automatically groups them into categories for easy processing and that’s not all because if I press the tic at to top of the group, it will mark the emails as seen which at the same time get’s rid of the email from the main in categories and moves them to the seen category which you can later delete. This allows me to achieve inbox zero in seconds. 

If I need to action or reply to an email later, I simply pin the email which adds it to the pinned group for easy access. This is one of my favourite features of the app, I can honestly say that it not only has improved my productivity but has allowed me to concentrate on other important tasks and living life in general.

The Interface 

The interface is clean and functional which to me is extremely important. Whilst the interfaces of email apps have drastically improved over the last decade, many email apps still use a very similar basic and functional interface. It’s great if it works for you but I prefer a more modern approach to managing my emails and Spark does this very well!

Apple Watch App

As someone who can’t live without his Apple Watch, it is important to me that I can access emails on my watch. Now many apps allow this, but I find the experience not to be great, which is understandable due to the size of the screen. However, Spark has once again surprised me with its approach to the Apple Watch App. Like the other apps, the watch version is functional and well built.

To be fair, I very rarely read my email on my watch, but if it’s an important email it’s always good to be able to read it without delay.

Other features

Spark has many more features, which are listed on its website the features I described above are features that I use on a daily basis. I don’t tend to use the other features as I don’t really have a need for them. That’s not to say I won’t be using them in the future. These features are mainly designed for teams to collaborate easier.

These features include:

  • Private Team Comments
  • Shared Drafts
  • The ability to reply with templates

Whilst I haven’t had a chance to try these features, I think that the collaboration possibilities are very good for teams and if it comes to it in the future, I will definitely want to use them.


To summarise this article, I would definitely recommend Spark as your go-to email client. However, it’s vital that it works for you! In fact, I recommend doing what I did and that’s trying a wide variety of apps for at least a few days per app and only then picking your daily driver. Yes, it can be time-consuming but it’s worth it. We’re all different and just because Spark works for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Disclaimer: The views and expressions in this article are my own and only my own.

What’s your go-to email app? Let us know in the comments!