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Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

Number 5 is a MUST!

The weather has been great these past couple of days, which was nice to see, especially if we compare it to what we’ve been seeing over the last couple of months here in the UK.

But throughout this entire weekend, we have been treated to rain and thunderstorms.

That got me thinking, since we’ve just had great weather and now we’re seeing rain again, many people will likely be looking to book holidays, or vacations as they call them in the United States.

That is why I decided to share 6 of my favourite apps that live on my phone unconditionally as a frequent traveller.

Whether you’ve already booked your holidays or are considering booking them, these apps are great for planning your trips, and to just have them on your phone during your trip.

So without any further ado, here are my top 6 apps for summer in 2024…

1. Trip.com

First on the list is Trip.com, an app that I use on a weekly basis. The app combines various modes of transport, as well as hotel, stays into one app.

I primarily use Trip.com for booking train tickets to and from work, but I also find it useful to book hotels in the event of disruption. I find that having quick access to this app is essential as someone who travels frequently for work.

The app has saved me on many occasions, when all the trains were getting cancelled due to issues on the railway line, I was able to quickly book a coach back home.

The app also proved to be extremely useful when I went to see my favourite band on tour in Cardiff last year. We didn’t expect it to overrun, this meant that we were to miss our last train home, so during the concert, I was able to quickly book a local hotel.

I also use this app for leisure, whether it’s searching for flights, searching for local attractions or booking other modes of transport.

But it gets better as the app enables you to earn points which you can redeem for future bookings.

Trip.com hasn’t sponsored this article, but as someone who uses it on a weekly basis, I tend to recommend it to many people based on my experience. That is why I decided to join their affiliate program, so if you are looking to book a trip, I am leaving my affiliate link here.

2. Google Maps

The second app on my list has got to be Google Maps and I use this app even as an iPhone user, allow me to explain.

Google Maps is so much more than just a navigation app as you can use it to discover local places, read their reviews and see what facilities they have.

I found this app particularly useful when I went to Budapest almost 2 years ago. As someone who is new to Hungary and the city of Budapest, I found it fantastic for finding my way around the city and navigating the public transportation system.

I particularly found the fact that the app told me which stop to get off at when I was travelling on the tram or bus. It also told me how crowded the trams were, which, I thought, was a nice touch.

I tend to use Google Maps as my default app for navigating, whether I’m walking, cycling, using public transport or even driving, the app turns out to be great in all scenarios.

I’m also a big fan of the Google Local Guides community, which allows people to leave reviews and update places, making sure that everything is up-to-date.

3. Google Translate

Speaking about Google, I couldn’t write this article without mentioning Google Translate.

Google Translate is one of those apps that you never know when you might need, whether you’re travelling abroad or just working your day job.

I will never forget when I was working a part-time supermarket job during my student days I helped an international lorry driver find something. It was such a small thing, but with the help of Google Translate, I was able to provide him with customer service. He was extremely thankful, as I’m told that the drivers’ manager phoned the shop to express gratitude.

Google Translate proves to also be great when visiting countries where you don’t speak the native language. Whether it’s helping you with the pronunciation of sentences or just showing someone your phone, it allows you to find a way of communicating with others.

I’m a big fan of the Google Lens feature, which allows me to translate text that I don’t understand, it’s great for reading local menus and signs if they aren’t available in English.

4. Komoot

If you are going on an outdoor break, Komoot is a must-have app.

Whether you are going on a hiking, running or cycling trip, Komoot will help you find great trails and routes.

As an outdoor person, I even use this app locally, as it’s astonishing what you can discover.

I can’t count the number of times I discovered a beautiful view or a village by following cycle trails. These are the types of things that tend to be difficult to discover in cars, especially if you follow the main roads.

I found this app particularly useful when I went on a hiking trip to the Tatra Mountains in Poland last summer as it allowed me to find new trails and discover new places.

The app provides me with useful information such as the difficulty of routes, the average time, distance as well as elevation.

5. What3words

No matter whether you’re going on an outdoor holiday, a city break or a relaxing holiday on the seaside. This is an essential app to have!

What3words is a navigation app that allows you to find locations easily, especially when you don’t have a traditional-looking street address, and you don’t speak the local language.

Every 3-metre square on the map has been given an address made of 3 words. This allows you to easily find a square and navigate to that location.

You can use the app to plan an itinerary by saving all the must-see spots. You can even share it with your friends and family.

Some guidebooks contain What3words addresses which you can scan into the app, which, I think, is really cool.

What3words even works offline, making it great for visiting places like the mountains.

But it gets better, as with the help of What3words, you can tell people your exact location, so if you are in the mountains, and you have an accident, you can potentially direct rescue services to your exact location.

6. Polarsteps

Polarsteps is an all-in-one app for tracking and documenting your trips.

The app allows you to plan trips, automatically track your route, and add past trips.

It also allows you to add photos and videos, notes and other details.

At the end of your trip, you can share it with friends and family digitally, or you can even get a personalised printed photo book, which will make a fantastic souvenir from your trip.

I’ve used this app on multiple occasions and the results have always been great. It proved to work great when we went on a road trip across Italy a few years ago, as I was able to have it automatically track the trips and add photos along the way.

Final Thoughts

Those are the 6 apps that I religiously keep on my phone when I travel, but there are many other great apps. For example, I tend to upload all my pictures to Google Photos, where I make digital photo books.

I also like to check out the local apps, which may turn out to be extremely helpful. For example, When I went to Budapest, I downloaded the Bolt app for booking taxis and the BudapestGO app, which allowed me to buy a public transport pass.

It’s also useful to have your airline app downloaded, as many of them provide updates about your flights. If you like to track how many flights you’ve been on and have a pretty cool map of them, I recommend signing up for a web app called My Flightradar24.

What are your favourite apps for summer or for taking with you on your trips? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.