6 Awesome Gadgets You Need For Your Work Bag!

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Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash

I know, I’ve said it thousands of times, I am absolutely obsessed with tech and gadgets. Unsurprisingly I also carry them with me to work. 

That’s why just like I did with 6 of my favourite desk gadgets, I want to share the gadgets I take with me to work.

So without any further ado… 

1. Google Pixel Buds Pro

Pixel Buds Pro
Photo by Author

My go-to for work headphones are the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2, not only do they offer comfort, but they also offer a decent level of noise cancellation. However, when it comes to travelling to work, I don’t really like carrying them with me. 

Instead, I prefer to use earbuds due to their portability. The earbuds I’ve chosen to go with are the Google Pixel Buds Pro, which I’ve been using for a couple of months now and I honestly can’t recommend them enough, especially as they now have Spatial audio.

The Pixel Buds Pro are perfect for work as just like the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2, they have multipoint Bluetooth, which means that I can connect two devices to them at the same time making them perfect for connecting to my work laptop and phone. I mean if I’m working on my laptop and listening to music and a call comes in on my phone, I can answer without having to reconnect my earbuds.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro are also my everyday earbuds as they offer great sound quality and a decent level of noise cancellation.

2. Microsoft Surface Arc Bluetooth Mouse 

Microsoft Arc Mouse
Photo by Author

Working in the IT field, when I travel to work, I always take my laptop with me. However, I’m not a huge fan of trackpads, I just find it more comfortable using an actual mouse.

Over the past few years, the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 has been a staple in my everyday work carry, however, the mouse got old and it just wouldn’t keep a charge. So I decided to get a replacement. I was actually on my break at work when I walked past a CEX store and they had the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse going for under £20.

I always liked the idea of a foldable mouse, especially one with a gesture scroll-wheel, so I decided to buy it. I’m not gonna lie, it took me ages to get used to the mouse as the shape is different and it has that gap underneath, but it’s a good mouse and I managed to get it on a very good deal even though it’s actually second-hand. 

3. iPad Pro

iPad Pro
Photo by Author

I think the iPad is a seriously underrated device, it’s perfect as an all-rounder for practically anything! I happen to own the 2020 iPad Pro 11-inch and even though the iPad does not have monitor support, I absolutely love that thing! I would even go as far as saying that it’s my main computer!

As I don’t live anywhere close to the office, I tend to commute by train and I always tend to take my iPad with me, it’s the perfect size to use on those tiny train tray tables as well as in cafes. It allows me to create content for you while I travel to and from work.

I tend to use it to write my blog articles, and YouTube scripts and even edit videos in Luma Fusion and it performs really well for my needs. 

I usually take my iPad inside my keyboard case, I currently use the HOU keyboard case which features a decent keyboard and glass-effect touchpad with gesture control. Overall it feels really nice to type on and just generally use. I also like to take my Apple Pencil with me as it allows me to use the iPad as a notebook.

4. Acefast A8 Charging Brick

Acefast A8 Charging Brick
Photo by Author

Taking a charging brick is essential to me as it allows me to charge my devices in the office and on the train if it has the standard UK 3-Pin plugs. I currently use the Acefast A8 Wall charger which provides me with a 20W USB-C output and a 12W USB-A output. 

The charger has served me well over the last couple of months, however, I think it’s time to upgrade to something that offers me a little bit more speed, especially if I’m charging my iPad and my phone at the same time. 

I mean, I don’t know about you, but if I ever need to charge my phone or my iPad when I’m out and about, it usually needs to be done quickly, especially if my phone dies on the train and I have to scan my mobile ticket to get out when I reach the arrival station. 

But in terms of performance, the Acefast A8 charges really well via USB-C and has worked well for that purpose. Using the USB-A port is a lot slower but it’s still good enough. The Acefast A8 is ideal for charging your phone and maybe wireless earbuds on the side, but when you need to charge your phone and tablet, it will charge one device a lot slower.

5. GreenCell PowerPlay 20 Power Bank

GreenCell Powerplay 20
Photo by Author

Staying on with power, I also take a power bank with me just in case I get stuck somewhere with no power outlets. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been using the GreenCell PowerPlay 20 and it never let me down. 

It offers great value for money and because it has a capacity of 20,000mAh, it’s perfect for charging multiple devices at the same time. The PowerPlay 20 can actually charge 3 devices at the same time using its one USB-C port and two USB-A ports. It also supports pass-through which means it can charge 3 devices while it’s being charged itself.

The power bank supports 18W power delivery via USB-C as well as quick charge via USB-A, but the manufacturer hasn’t revealed what wattage the USB-A ports are, but based on my experience, they provide a very reasonable charging speed anyway.

6. KeySmart Max Key Holder

KeySmart Max
Photo by Author

The KeySmart Max is no stranger to my blog or YouTube channel, I mentioned it in a lot of my content and rightly so! Yes! I know it’s not the cheapest of toys on the market, but it’s very convenient, especially if like me you don’t like the sound of rattling keys and always misplace them.

KeySmart does many versions including cheaper versions of the key holder, but I decided to go with the Max as it features a built-in Tile tracker and a flashlight, both of which are rechargeable. Something you don’t get on the Apple Air Tag. My only complaints in this department are that it doesn’t tell you when the battery is low and that the charging port is Micro-USB which means I have to take an extra cable with me to work in the event of the battery dying. However, the battery lasts a long time anyway. 

KeySmart manufactures a handful of accessories which you can attach to the key holder which can make your life at work easier and it already comes with a free multitool which can be used as a flathead screwdriver and a bottle opener for when you finish your shift.

As I open a lot of boxes, I also purchased the KeySmart Box cutter which does a reasonable job. You can also purchase a handful of other accessories such as pens, scissors, knives and even pliers to attach to it!  


These are 6 awesome gadgets that I currently carry with me in my work bag. If you are interested in purchasing any of the products I mentioned above, I’ve included links where possible.

But yea, these are the gadgets that add some form of quality to my daily working life. I always like to discover new gadgets and toys, so now I ask you, what gadgets do you take with you in your work bag?

Let us know in the comments!