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The 6th One Is A Must For Any Tech Geek!

My Desk Setup
My Desk Setup

I am absolutely obsessed with gadgets! That’s why I decided to share the top 5 gadgets I use on my desk.

These are all gadgets that in some way improve my workflow but also are convenient to have particularly for working from home.

So without any further ado…

1. Xiaomi Mi Computer Light Bar

Xiaomi Mi Monitor Light Bar
Xiaomi Mi Monitor Light Bar

The Xiaomi Mi Light Bar is an item I’ve talked about before and I still think that it’s an absolutely great purchase. Not only is it convenient, but it’s also very stylish. 

The Mi bar isn’t just any desk lamp, it sits out of the way on top of your monitor. The lamp comes with a stylish wireless remote which you can use to change the hue and brightness of the lamp.

The ability to change the hue and brightness makes it the perfect companion for those late working nights.

2. Desk Mat

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma
Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Mouse Mat

I must admit this isn’t really a gadget I was originally planning to add to this article, but I find that using a desk surface really does make the experience of using a computer better. 

Not only does the mouse feel smoother, but it’s also comfortable to use as a palm rest, much better than just wood or glass. 

At present, I happen to be using the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma RGB Gaming Surface which is a bit of an overkill, but I guess I like the idea of RGB.

I find that using a desk surface or mat, generally makes using a computer more comfortable and you don’t need to pay ridiculous prices either.


3. Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3
Logitech MX Master 3

I’ve used several different cool and not-so-cool computer mice over the years, but the Logitech MX Master 3 or any from the MX Master series remains my favourite.

Not only are these mice extremely comfortable to use, but at the same time, they have a feature which I haven’t seen on any other mouse, the side scroll wheel.

The side scroll wheel provides you with a comfortable way to scroll sideways making it perfect for spreadsheets and video editing. I use the Logitech MX Master 3 as my daily driver and I think it would be difficult to move on to another mouse. The only thing I don’t use it for is gaming

4. Google Nest

Google Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation

My desk setup wouldn’t be anywhere without a smart assistant. At present, I am using the second-generation Google Nest Hub, but I have used other devices in the past including the Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Spot and The Apple HomePod Mini.

All of these devices were a great help around the office, but being a Pixel 6 Pro user, I find that the Nest Hub just works better with my phone.

I use my Nest Hub for listening to the news, and music as well as viewing calendar events. It also provides a great way of communicating with my other smartphone appliances, including lights and switches. I can even cast YouTube videos to it!


5. Google Pixel Stand

Wireless Charger
Google Pixel Stand 2nd Generation

Having a wireless charger on my desk can really be a convenient way of charging your phone and compatible devices whilst you work. At present, I have two wireless chargers on my desk. I have the second-generation Google Pixel Stand as well as a Satechi aluminium fast charger.

I use two wireless chargers in the event I need to charge my phone and my earbuds at the same time. The Satechi charger offers excellent build quality and charges at a reasonable speed. My only complaint is that it uses a Micro-USB connection.

The Pixel Stand is a product all of its own because it converts compatible devices into a smart display which you can use to adjust charging speeds and control other smart devices. It also charges my Pixel 6 Pro at a fast speed. You can checkout my video review down below…

6. Anker Charger

Anker 65W Charger
Anker 65W Charger

My final product in this article has got to be this 65W charger by Anker. I found this gem online and just had to get it! Not only can this charge my laptop, but it can also charge several devices that aren’t compatible with wireless charging, perfect for any tech enthusiast! 

The charger features two USB-A ports as well as two USB-C ports, one of which is compatible with 45W and the other is 20W making it perfect for charging my iPad Pro and Pixel 6 Pro at the same time.


To summarise this article, the gadgets I mentioned above are just some of my favourite gear I use in the office. To see a more up-to-date list check out my kit page.

If you like anything I mentioned in this article, links to the products can be found in the relevant sections. Please be aware that some of these links are affiliate links.

And now it’s your turn! Leave a comment down below sharing the one gadget you use on your desk that you can’t live without and why!