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As the data available increases, so does the risk of hacking attempts. According to statistics, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds. Data security is extremely important. A breach of privacy can lead to serious consequences for the company. Therefore, IT departments across various companies are constantly trying to prevent such malicious attacks.

Two-factor authentication is a way of adding an extra layer of protection for user accounts to prevent any risk of unauthorized access. 2FA has been implemented as a security measure by several companies, however, its use is still relatively low.Β 

It offers several advantages and should definitely be activated, especially for applications that contain your sensitive data. To discuss some of the advantages of the tech:

Enhanced Security

The first and foremost advantage of 2FA is enhanced security. While passwords are a good option, they are easily hackable. The analysis shows that passwords can be easily guessed based on the user’s lifestyle. Apart from that, most users go for weak passwords, with β€œ123456” being amongst the most common passwords used. 2FA provides a phase 2 security measure that prevents security breaches even if your password is hacked.

Protection against fraud

2FA also reduces the risk of fraud and identity thefts. Using a non-password 2FA greatly increases the security and keeps your sensitive information safe.

Reduced helpdesk costs

One of the common reasons for calls to helpdesks is for password resets. Replacing them with a non-password 2FA can significantly reduce helpdesk costs.

Select 2FA according to your preferences

Lastly, 2FA offers several authentication techniques that you can choose from. From sending an email to entering a pin, you can select a method that suits you the best.

2FA is a great step towards better online data security. It helps in preventing hacking attempts and should definitely be implemented for better safety of your private data.

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