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The iPad, a device that has been in my life for years, it’s gotten me through two university degrees, creating videos for YouTube and even starting a side hustle. 

Without a doubt, it’s made a huge difference in my life, and that’s why I decided that it was the perfect time to share some of my favourite apps that I use on my iPad Pro…

1. Fantastical

Source: Flexbits

I find a calendar app to be an important part of my everyday life. It helps me keep on top of things and plan my week and even month. Which as a part-time content creator I find extremely important.

I’ve been on the search for a perfect calendar app for a very long time, and if truth be told, I still haven’t found an ideal app that matches my needs. You see a few months ago I decided to take a different approach to tech and get out of the Apple ecosystem to experience a more open one.

This creates an issue because a number of apps that I’ve been using within the Apple Ecosystem are only available on Apple devices. As it happens, Fantastical is one of them. 

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t use it on my iPad and I actually still think that it’s one of the best calendar apps out there. There’s just something about the interface and how it functions that makes it work for me.

One of my favourite features of the app is the widgets. I’ve used a lot of calendar apps over the years and have seen some shockingly unuseful widgets. But with Fantastical, not only do you have a huge selection of widgets to choose from, but they also show some valuable information.

2. Spark

Source: Spark Website

Checking your emails can not only be boring but it can also be extremely time-consuming, particularly with all the emails we receive from shops we bought things from before, SPAM emails as well as other notifications.

That’s why I perfected a system that works really well for me and that I recommend using. The system is basic and includes having 4 email addresses for 4 completely different purposes combined with the Inbox Zero technique. 

That’s where Spark comes in handy. Spark allows me to open a category such as Notifications, scroll through them all and swipe all within that category to either mark as read or archive them so that they are no longer in your main inbox.

If I find an email that I either need to reply to or is important to me I can make it as important, which adds it to a separate list for safekeeping.

Spark has revolutionised the way I check my email and has helped me save a lot of time. Checking my emails used to be very time-consuming but it now only takes a few minutes at most.

3. Things 3

Source: Cultured Code

To-Do lists have been a part of my life ever since I remember, whether it’s noting down tasks I need to complete for homework when I was in school, to writing down tasks I need to complete during my day at work.

I was never one for trying out new apps, I always just used the app that was available to me on my phone or the device I was using at the time. So If I was using a phone it would have been the Reminders app, if it was a Windows-based PC, it would be a list on a Word Document.

I guess I never saw the full potential until I started using Things 3 and I think it changed my life. 

Things 3 has a phenomenal design that not only is easy to use but also has some very useful features such as the ability to add sections within lists, which I haven’t seen any other To-Do list app allows. 

I also like the ability to set reoccurring reminders, something that I find really useful in my personal life. I mean it allows me to remember which bins to put out for starters which is a win for me!

4. Ulysses

Source: Ulysses

As a blogger, I tried many apps for drafting my blog articles. I used Google Docs, OneNote, SimpleNote and even EverNote, but none of these apps compares to Ulysses. 

At present, I write most of my blog articles on my iPad Pro using the Ulysses app. I find the app to be really good, particularly with its integrations with popular platforms such as WordPress and Medium. 

Not only can I publish my articles from the app but I can also check my spelling and grammar with the built-in proofreader. Sometimes, we all make mistakes, and with a built-in proofreader at my disposal, I can ensure I’m delivering quality content.

I use the Hou keyboard case with my iPad Pro, which contains quite a good keyboard and trackpad, creating the ideal companion for writing blog articles on the go and even at home. You can view my full iPad setup here.

I use my iPad to such an extent that I can call it my main computer. Apart from writing blog articles, I use it for basic video editing, email, YouTube videos and even as a notebook!

5. OneNote

OneNote - iPad

I’ve used many great NoteBook apps over the years, three of my favourite apps include GoodNotes, Notability and OneNote. I used all of these apps heavily whilst at university, but now that I’ve graduated, I find OneNote to be the most convenient for me.

I like how I’m able to organise my notes into sections and subsections, a bit like a ring binder. It allows me to keep organised and on top of things.

One of the biggest advantages of OneNote is its cross-platform compatibility as well as app support, I mean you can even have it on your Apple Watch. Which I found useful for viewing quick notes and shopping lists.

6. Safari

iPad - Safari

I’ve tried various browsers for the iPad, but I think that Safari is the best. With the small navigation bar on top, I feel that there is more room to see web pages and the overall design is minimal making it a pleasure to use.

Safari also supports extensions, which gives me a more desktop-like experience. One of these extensions happens to be Honey, which ensures that I’m not missing out on any discount codes and no, I’m not currently sponsored by Honey.

7. VN


From time to time I edit videos on my iPad, I used to use iMovie, but I found it uncomfortable to use. That’s when I discovered VN, an app that I use on my phone and iPad.

Now, obviously, I use my computer for more complicated tasks as well as 4K footage, but if I’m making shorts or Tiktoks or simple videos, I find that VN works really well and is a joy to use.

VN is a feature-packed video editor that features a free option. In its free option, you have ads and are limited to the number of drafts, which you can delete when you start to get low. 

It also has some great subtitles, stickers and sound effects which are extremely useful and make videos look great.

8. Readwise


The final app I’m featuring in this article has got to be Readwise, an app I heavily depend on when it comes to research. Readwise allows me to highlight text from various sources such as Medium and Kindle and save them all in one place where I can easily access them so that I remember what I read.

I then use the highlights to provide you with valuable information in my blog posts and YouTube videos.


There are many great apps available for the iPad, these are just some of the apps I use most often. 

If there are any apps you recommend checking out, let us know in the comments!