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In 2017, Adobe announced that it would officially discontinue support for Adobe Flash in December 2020. Adobe Flash has been around for almost two decades, and for sure, it was one of the first software tools that pioneered the revolution of an interactive web.  However, with newer technologies like HTML5, Javascript, and CCS3, the dependency on Adobe flash started to decline since these newer tools had more to offer.

One of the major blows that Adobe flash faced was when Steve Jobs and Apple decided not to have it integrated into the first iPhone back in 2007. Many other mobile device makers followed this road in the following years. So, one would be not wrong to suggest that the revolution of smartphones could be one of the reasons Adobe Flash finally lost ground.

Now that Adobe Flash is finally gone, all media content on the internet that’s still in the formats supported by Adobe flash will no longer be accessible. The good news is that Adobe gave almost three years to all web developers to migrate to newer technologies before ending support for Adobe flash. So, as an internet user, you will likely not be affected by these changes.

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