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PITAKA Poetry of Things - Moon Apple Watch Band
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It looks GREAT!

Pitaka is no stranger when it comes to incredibly cool design and accessories and over the last two or so weeks, I’ve been trying out two of their products the Pitaka Pita!Tag and the Pitaka Poetry of Things Apple Watch Band which I will be reviewing in this article.

The Pitaka Poetry of Things is an interesting line of Apple Watch bands that according to Pitaka takes the natural elements in oriental aesthetics that symbolise romance – wind, flowers, snow and the moon as themes. Pitaka has selected four poems that refer to the four seasons from the earliest collection of poems in China. 

Pitaka has two versions of this band available at present, the Wind version and the Moon version which I’ll be reviewing in this article.

Daily Driving the Band

I’ve been daily driving the Pitaka Poetry of Things – Moon band for around two weeks with my Apple Watch SE 44mm (1st generation). Based on my experience with the band so far, I think it is by far the best band I tried in a long time, especially when it comes to comfort, style and durability.

As an IT engineer who often works with hardware and within server racks and desks, it can be easy to scratch or damage my watch and band. But during daily usage both at work and at home, the band has yet to have any scratches.

I’ve also been using the band for cycling and riding e-scooters. The one thing I don’t like about the metal bracelet bands is that they tend to slide off my hand when cycling, but that is something I have yet to experience with this band.

Furthermore, the band is incredibly comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time and while I sleep, which is important when you are spending that sort of money on a watch band.


The Pitaka Poetry of Things – Moon band offers a very unique design which I can’t say I’ve come across before with any watch or accessory for that matter. 

The watch band is made out of ChromaCarbon which according to Pitaka is a composite lamination technology that blends the strength of carbon fibre with the resilience of aramid fibre. 

When wearing the band at work, in public and around friends and family, I got many compliments about the band. One friend even went as far as saying that he likes the design, mainly because it looks different, but also because he likes the design.

He’s not wrong there, because the design is incredible and the Moon edition of the band matches my style incredibly well! I also think that it suits my Space Gray Apple Watch really well.

The watch features a magnetic clasp which provides a strong hold and as of yet, I haven’t had the band open while wearing the watch. I would even go as far as saying that it locks the band so well it’s better than any other traditional metal band or watch I used in the past. 

Unboxing & First Impressions

Moving on to the unboxing experience and my first impressions, I wasn’t disappointed! 

Starting with the unboxing, the box for the band looks great and feels premium, which is something you’d expect from a band of this price. Pitaka has gone the extra mile and included an extract of the poem from The Moon, Book of Poetry.

The box contains the strap, a link as well as a link tool which is nice to see. Removing the links is different compared to other watches so it’s worth reading the instructions or checking out YouTube videos. I have also included a section on this in my video review which I will link down below:

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very satisfied with this watchband, especially with the style and durability. 

To put it simply, I think that the band looks fantastic and is incredibly comfortable to wear. On top of that it is durable which is important to me due to my job.

The band was very well-presented and was a pleasure to unbox and as for the box itself, it’s definitely one of those I wouldn’t want to throw away as it looks really nice.

After having a long think about the band, I don’t think there is anything I would change about it. At the end of the day, it does what it’s supposed to do, looks great and feels comfortable to wear. I guess that’s what matters.

Pitaka have not sponsored me to write this post, but as someone who genuinely likes their products, I have decided to join their affiliate program. That is why if you are interested in checking out the band or their other products, I am leaving my affiliate link.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. Pitaka did send this band to me to try out in return for my honest views and opinions, but they did not sponsor this post. All views and opinions are my own.