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Photo by Alexandar Todov on Unsplash

Sometimes the small things make a difference!

At the end of last year, I decided to go back to the Apple ecosystem after a 2-year break.

The main reason was that I missed many of the apps that I used to use, such as Things 3 and a whole bunch of other apps that helped me be productive.

I also missed that fantastic experience of everything just working together. But there are many other reasons to why I decided to move back.

One thing I don’t think I mentioned before was that I like some of the accessories that are available for use with Apple products. As an example, I’m a big fan of MagSafe accessories for the iPhone, as well as things like the keychains you can get for your AirTags.

That is why I decided to share 6 awesome accessories I use to elevate my overall Apple experience…

1. Benks 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Stand

I wanted to start with the product I use to charge my everyday tech carry which mainly consists of my iPhone 14 Pro Max, AirPods Pro (2nd generation) and my Apple Watch SE.

I purchased the stand for just under £50 and I can honestly say that it was worth every penny. Not only is it helping me keep my desk clean, but it’s also helping me keep track of time and calendar events through the use of the Standby feature.

Before buying this stand, I used a simple Amazon Basics stand along with a cable going into an Anker 4-Port charger. This solution was good as it allowed me to use the Standby feature, but my desk was getting cluttered with cables.

I actually still use the Anker charger and I think that it’s a great investment, particularly if you have numerous gadgets that may need to be charged.

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2. Apple AirTag

Photo by Author

The second accessory I wanted to talk about is the Apple AirTag, and I actually own a few of these.

Having owned a Tile Mate ever since I can remember and trying out several alternatives such as the Samsung Galaxy Tag, Chipolo and notiOne, I think that the AirTag offers the best experience.

I primarily use an AirTag to track my keys and my wallet as I can never remember where I leave them, we’ve all been guilty there! I also use one for my bicycle.

They prove to be great when traveling by plane as you can put an AirTag in your luggage and if it doesn’t take off with you, at least you know where it is. It may even help airport staff know where to look to try to locate your bag.

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3. Pitaka Pita!Tag

Staying on with the AirTag, I wanted to discuss an accessory I recently reviewed on my YouTube channel, the Pitaka Pita!Tag.

The Pitaka Pita!Tag is an incredibly useful multi-tool that you can attach to your keys. It features a slot-type screwdriver, a cross screwdriver, a 2.0-caliber Allen key and a pocket knife which can be used for opening boxes and letters.

Now, you’re probably wondering how it relates to the AirTag, well, the core purpose of this product is to be an AirTag holder which you can attach to your keys or bag.

As an IT engineer, I find this tool particularly useful as it enables me to do a part of my job which I may need a screwdriver for. I mean, I don’t always carry a screwdriver with me everywhere I go, and having one on my keys has proven to be extremely helpful.

If you are interested in getting yourself one of these, Pitaka has a Spring Sale on at the time of writing this article. It’s that and the fact that this genuinely is a useful product is why I am leaving my affiliate link.

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4. Pitaka Poetry of Things – Moon Watch Strap

The Pitaka Poetry of Things – Moon Apple Watch band offers quality as well as a unique design, which looks great, especially with a Space Grey Apple Watch.

The strap is made from carbon fibre and aramid fibre and, based on my experience so far, the band is incredibly strong and doesn’t have any scratches on it yet.

The box also contains a tool for helping you make the band fit your wrist perfectly, which is a great addition.

The Poetry of things range includes two Apple Watch bands, including Wind and Moon versions. I went with the blue version as it suits my style better.

Like with the Pitaka Pita!Tag, the band is on sale at the time of writing this article, and I think it’s a very reasonable price considering the quality and how comfortable the band is to wear. You can buy the band here using my affiliate link.

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5. Anker USB-C Hub for MacBook

Photo by Author

As an owner of the M1 MacBook Air, the one thing I miss is having more USB ports, especially as a content creator. That is why I decided to buy this Anker USB-C Hub.

The hub allows me to expand the two USB-C ports included on the MacBook. It features two USB-A ports for data transfer, 1 multi-function USB-C port, a USB-C data port, an HDMI port as well as an SD card slot and an microSD card slot.

This is honestly one of my most used accessory for the MacBook, it is just so useful, I would even go as far as saying that I would feel lost without it!

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6. Mous Limitless 5.0 iPhone Case

My review of the Mous Limitless 5.0 case for the Google Pixel 7 Pro

The final accessory I wanted to talk about is the Mous Limitless 5.0 case, and it’s actually the second time I purchased this case.

My first case was for my previous phone, the Google Pixel 7 Pro and considering the fact that my phone survived two mountain bike accidents with this case, I decided to purchase it for my iPhone 14 Pro Max.

I know what you’re thinking, I should learn to be a better cyclist, but in all fairness I was caught off guard on both occasions when I was going down a muddy hill during an event.

The fact that this case allowed my phone to survive but not other things such as my old Garmin GPS and other things I had mounted on my handlebars is what allows me to trust the brand and case.

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Final Thoughts

To summarise this article, these are the 6 accessories that elevate my overall experience with Apple products. Whether it’s style, convenience or practicality, these all serve a special purpose in my everyday life.

But the truth of the matter is that there are many other incredibly useful and cool accessories that you can buy. For example, I am looking to buy a new AirTag compatible wallet as well as a MagSafe power bank, I guess I’m undecided what models I should choose.

Now it’s your turn, what are your favourite Apple accessories? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This article contains Amazon and Pitaka affiliate links.