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I’ve been the proud owner of a Google Pixel 6 Pro for a while now and I think the phone is great even though there are mixed views and opinions on it. In fact, even I’ve got mixed feelings about this phone. I mean the camera is great, it performs extremely well, but there are things I love and hate about this phone.

After recently switching back to Android, the one thing I miss from iPhones is the huge amount of accessories available for them. One example is MagSafe, I like the idea of magnets holding things like my card wallet or even my power bank as there are no cables. I found finding Pixel accessories quite difficult compared to iPhone accessories which you can even find in local convenience stores. 

After scouring the internet for some time, I finally found a collection of Pixel 6 Pro accessories worth sharing. Starting with the cases…

The Case

Pixel 6 Pro Cases

Yes, I’m one of these people who choose to use a case. I mean I can’t imagine what I would do if I get a scratch on my phone.

Since getting my Pixel 6 Pro, I’ve used two cases. I’ve used the Caseology Vault in Matte black and I’m currently using the official Google Pixel 6 Pro case in Carbon.

So far, I think that the Caseology Vault case offers better protection at a cheaper price but the official Google case offers more comfort.

I must admit, I was very hesitant to get the official pixel case to begin with due to the bad reviews it received online and the look of it. I mean I much prefer the old Google Pixel cases, but I guess times change. However, I do find that the Google Pixel 6 Pro case has a nicer feel to it.

Charging Stand

Pixel Stand 2nd Gen

After watching a few videos on the second generation Pixel Stand, I decided to get it. I know it’s not the cheapest of devices, but it comes with a lot of pretty cool features other than fast charging.

When you place your phone on the stand, it effectively turns it into a smart hub for your smart home. You can keep an eye on your Nest cams, turn lights off and on, and the list just goes on!

You can even turn your phone into a digital photo frame so that you can see all your memories whilst your phone charges.

The stand works with most devices that are compatible of wireless charging. But unfortunately, it is not compatible with the Pixel Buds A because they can’t charge wirelessly which is a shame!

Still not convinced? Check out my video on it below…

The Official Charging Block

As the box of the Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t include a charger, I found myself in the market for a supported fast charger. At the time of purchase, the official Pixel 6 charging block was roughly the same price as other 3rd party chargers, so I decided to get it.

As someone who lives in the UK where our plugs are usually quite large due to the legendary 3-pin system, I was happy to find that the 3rd pin is retractable on this charging plug, making it less cumbersome to carry with you.

Overall, I think the plug is good quality and offers a decent charge and is well worth the money.

USB-C Charging Cable

Acefast LED Charging Cable

Staying on with the charging theme, I currently use the Acefast 100W LED USB-C cable which is a pretty awesome cable, especially if you’re a tech geek like me.

The cable features a pretty cool display showing the charging power. The cable also features over-voltage, overheat, over current and short circuit protection.

I know I mentioned this a few times now, but I’m not a huge fan of the charging cables smartphone manufacturers include with their phones. I mean they have gotten better but cables like this one by AceFast is just so much better in terms of long-lasting quality.

Pixel Buds A

I test many wireless earbuds and for the last 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve been daily driving the Pixel Buds A. As an owner of the Pixel Buds 2, I decided to invest in the newer and cheaper model.

I tend to have mixed feelings about these, I mean the sound quality is good, they look and feel great and they work very well with my Pixel 6 Pro but I don’t think I would want to spend that money on them again as for around the same price I could get the Beats Studio Buds or the Nothing Ear (1)’s both of which feature active noise cancelling (ANC)!

But overall, they are great as general everyday earbuds but if you plan to travel, I would recommend getting something ANC enabled.

Google USB-C Earbuds

I don’t know about you but I like to be prepared, that’s why when I go out on the longer journeys I carry a wired set of earbuds just in case my wireless ones run out. The earbuds I use currently as my backups are the Google USB-C Earbuds.

As for wired earbuds, they’re alright but I still prefer the Samsung AKG alternatives both comfort and sound quality-wise. The trouble with my Samsungs is that they aren’t fully compatible with every device. I keep getting various errors when connecting them to my laptop and some phones. That’s why I choose to use Google’s alternative.

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