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Is This The Future of Work?

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I’ve been using Bublup for a while now and I’ve really been enjoying the experience, particularly when it comes to content creation. 

As a tech content creator, I test a lot of tech and gadgets and in the past, I’ve used Google Keep to take note of everything I noticed while using the product.

But the one issue I have with Google Keep is that when I’m doing product research, I can’t really pin the websites I may want to go back to when creating content.

For example, I’ve recently tested the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC earbuds, which have now become my daily drivers. While daily driving these earbuds, I created a folder where I noted down things I noticed while using these earbuds. I also put any links that I may need to refer to for future content.

But outside of that, the uses for Bublup are endless, as discussed in my previous blog post. I mean Bublup is literally the tool I wished I had when I was at university!

Back to the topic at hand, Bublup has recently released a pretty cool feature called AI Creator and I think it’s brilliant! Here’s why…

It integrates with ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been out for ages now and it has helped many become more productive in their everyday lives. 

The potential of ChatGPT is huge, it’s the main reason why so many people fear that it will replace them. But in actual fact, I no longer see it that way. I see ChatGPT as a useful tool that can help you be even better at your job. 

There are many ways in which this is true as discussed in this awesome article by Bernard Marr, If you are a content creator, your audience won’t come to you for AI-generated content, they’ll come to you for your personality.

So you’re probably wondering how all this relates to Bublup, well with the help of ChatGPT integration, I can ask the AI to generate things for me and this works really well in a number of scenarios, such as travel, research, planning events and much more.

Let us now discuss, how the AI creator helped me…

Planning Trips

Bublup AI Creator Trip to Bulgaria
Screenshot by Author

Following a conversation we had with a few friends, we are thinking about going away on holiday to Bulgaria, a country I’ve never been to before.

It turns out that Bublup can be very useful in this case, I simply open the AI Creator, go to the Travel tab, and say where I’m planning to go and for how long. I can then organize the results by days, proximity as well as other things. But in this case, I will organise the trip by days. 

The screenshot above shows the results generated by the AI and they are impressive! The AI Creator literally planned out the entire trip for me! 

The results include links to interesting articles about a certain place such as the city of Sofia as well as a general overview in note form.

Best of all, it didn’t take long to generate! I could honestly go on a trip based on these results!


Bublup AI Creator Research of Witold Pilecki
Screenshot by Author

I’ve always considered myself to be a lifelong learner, I love learning new things and expanding my skill set. That’s why I tend to do a lot of research. 

The same can be said for content creation, in order for me to be able to provide the best possible content, I will do a lot of research before releasing it, unless the content is based on my own personal opinion.

Having recently returned from a trip to Poland where I visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp, I decided to buy a book called The Volunteer by Jack Fairweather.

It’s the story of Witold Pilecki who famously volunteered to be captured and sent to the camp to show the world what was happening.

The book is highly worth a read and so is the history behind Witold Pilecki. That’s why for this example, I decided to generate a Bublup containing research material, and it came up with some really good information including links to good books as well as websites to check out.

Find things with the help of AI Creator

Bublup Movies about Tech
Screenshot by Author

I’ve decided to link the next couple of options together because they essentially are there to do a very similar thing.

With the help of AI Creator, you could find the top 10 of something, for example, as a tech enthusiast, I enjoy watching movies about technology, so I could ask the AI creator to give me the 10 best movies about technology and it will provide them to me.

But it gets even better as not only can I share the folder with friends and family, but I can also create a professional-looking roll within minutes, and this is what it looks like.

You can do the same for books and companies and a whole bunch of other stuff. If you wanted to, you can even find films and TV shows similar to ones that you have already watched. 

So, how is this improving my productivity?

Well for starters, it’s helping me get more stuff done as it’s taking care of the little things for me such as creating folders and organising things for me, which at times can be a lengthy task.

It’s also creating the baseline for my own stuff. If we take the trip to Bulgaria as an example, not only has Bublup organised every day into a folder for me, but it’s also recommended what activities I should do on each date, leaving me with just planning the travel and confirming whether I would want to visit those places.

It’s also proving to help me plan content. For example, I could ask the AI Creator to give me the 10 top blog posts about the Pixel 7 Pro. I could use that list to either plan future blog posts or write an article expressing why I agree or disagree with someone’s opinion in another blog post.

Final thoughts

To summarise this article, I’m a strong believer that we have to learn AI, stay on top of it and embrace it in our daily lives. I don’t think AI can replace you at this stage, but I do think a colleague who knows how to use AI effectively can.

This is why I’m constantly on the lookout for new tools and techniques for utilising AI to its full potential and the AI creator in Bublup has definitely helped me make the most of the app.

On a side note, this blog post is not sponsored by Bublup, nor do they know that I’m writing it. But if you are looking to try it out, feel free to use my affiliate link.