Going to Uni? 5 Reasons why you shouldn’t store work on a USB Flash Drive

So what are USB Flash drives good for?

USB drives were designed for transferring files from one PC to another, and they are perfect for that. I tend to treat USB flash drives as temporary storage devices. However, there are many uses for USB drives…

Backing up

USB drives are perfect for creating backups of your work. During my first year at University, I had a 64GB USB flash drive on a lanyard hanging from my desk and I used it for creating backups and it saved me on many occasions. Remember…

You can’t call it a backup until you have at least 3 copies on 3 different devices!

In my second year, I purchased the Kingston Data Traveler Locker + G3 Encrypted USB drive. This drive has many advantages, apart from the built-in hardware encryption, it also creates a backup of the files stored on in in the cloud. If you’re looking for a USB flash drive I highly recommend it! Get yours on Amazon.

Creating Bootable USB drives

This may not apply to everybody, especially if you’re not studying towards a computing degree, but there might still be a use for this. Bootable USB drives enable you to create recovery systems for your computer, Windows installation drives, antivirus boot disks which do a tougher virus scan. It’s always worth creating antivirus boot disks and external recovery systems, let me know if you want me to create a video tutorial on how to make one.

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