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I was thinking of ways of improving my content so that I’m not always recording in my boring office, and then it hit me why don’t I start doing day in the life reviews, so I decided to give it a go with my newly acquired Pixel 6 Pro. The video can be found here:

As the video shows, I decided to take my Pixel 6 Pro to the office with me which happens to be in a different part of the UK from where I currently live. To make better use of my phone and to give the camera a bit of a test, I decided to use the phone as much as possible for the tasks it was intended for. So we’re mainly talking about photography and recording footage. 

I started by going to the train station. I usually either walk or rent a scooter through the Zwings app. I often enjoy the 20-minute walk as I don’t get a chance to go out much during the week. Taking the scooter option makes the journey around 7-minutes long. In an ideal world, I would prefer to buy my own electric scooter which I can take on the train with me. However, at present due to UK road laws, personal scooters are considered motor vehicles and are illegal as they can’t be taxed or insured, whereas the rental ones are insured by the local council. Hopefully, this will change soon!

Anyway, when I travel I use my phone for numerous things, such as listening to music, audiobooks, watching videos and even storing my tickets. In the UK we have the Trainline app where you can buy digital train tickets, which is exactly what I do. You can access these tickets within the app but I prefer to send them to the Google Pay wallet, simply because it loads faster. Speaking about Google Pay, I also use it to make purchases. In the video, you saw me drinking a coffee whilst waiting for the train.

When I arrived at the office the battery of the phone went down by around 30% which considering the fact that I was using 5G, recording 4K footage, listening to audiobooks and browsing Twitter is pretty good. The battery on my previous phone, the iPhone 12 would have definitely gone down further with all the tasks I was doing on that morning.

Whilst working in the office, my phone received an update, which I decided to install in the hopes that it fixes some of the issues I had with the phone and it actually did! I no longer had an issue with the fingerprint scanner which was working considerably faster than it did before. During the update, I decided to connect my phone to a charger so that the battery doesn’t die mid update. I didn’t feel like bricking my phone which is something I had done before on an iPhone 6 after it turned out that just because the phone said that it was 100% charged, didn’t mean it actually was.

After the update was complete, I decided to go on lunch, using Google Pay to scan my Tesco’s Clubcard and may for my meal, after which I went for a walk. The significance of this was I tested some of the features of the phone. In the video, I didn’t feature all footage of this as it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to mainly due to my Go Pro going blurry. Anyway, I used the Google Fit app to track my walk, whilst I was listening to the final chapters of my audiobook. 

When I arrived back in the office, I continued working before catching the return train home.

So that was the summary of my video and now it’s time for some first impressions…

Google Pixel 6 Pro – First Impressions

Whilst the Pixel 6 Pro does have its issues, they aren’t being ignored by Google which honestly is great to hear! Overall, I think that the 6 Pro is a really good smartphone, especially when we take a look at the camera. The photo quality is just so good compared to other phones I’ve had in the past. 

The interface is also really, really nice, it just works well. I’m a huge fan of the at Glance feature, but I do wish that support was expanded for it to show more information such as train platforms.

The look and feel of the phone are good, the phone is absolutely beautiful in design although, I do wish that the buttons were placed differently.

As for the issues I’ve experienced, well the main issue for me was the camera app crashing, which touch wood, seems to have calmed down after recent updates. As of writing this article, the fingerprint scanner is working much better too. Those are the two issues I experienced in the three weeks of owning this phone, which aren’t that bad.

The Verdict – Would I recommend the 6 Pro as of the video?

As of the time of posting the video, I would recommend the phone. The fact that I received an update whilst making the video shows that Google is keeping the phone updated and that they are constantly fixing new problems. One can argue that these problems shouldn’t be there on a flagship, but then again Google has tried something new on their phones so I think we have to be a bit understanding. Perhaps, this is the exact reason we are seeing a lack of innovation in Apple’s lineup of phones, they just want to make sure everything is perfect.

But overall, I think it’s a great phone and I highly recommend getting it, particularly as there are some great deals for this phone right now, on contract and if you were to buy it out.