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Software development is an expansive field and one that is demanding and becoming more and more popular in 2021. No doubt, it requires creativity, but equally rewarding. A career as a software developer not only comes with an attractive earnings package but also gives you plenty of learning opportunities, personal satisfaction, self-development, and creative expression. The languages, code, and challenges may change, but the Software developer always gets a high paid job. Also, demand for software developers will undoubtedly remain constant in the future.

The software development field is evolving rapidly in 2021. The improvements in the currently available programming languages compound with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. If you are looking to pursue a career as a software developer, these emerging technologies require you to improving your skills. Also, it creates high paid job opportunities. That’s why everybody knows that Software Development is a booming industry and offers a career path with endless progression and opportunities.

In this article, we will talk about software development career opportunities. And why you consider software development as a career?

Who are Software Developers?

Software developers design and develop entire computer software programs by applying mathematical analysis and computer science principles. They are the ones responsible for managing, operating, and functioning its performance. Moreover, they have extensive knowledge of software development, programming languages, and computer operating systems.

A software developer is highly skilled in various languages such as C++, ASP.NET, SQL, Java, Python, Ruby Javascript, API design, data management, C, C++, C#, Perl, and PHP and also know how to use these languages to develop robust codes for business.

Reasons to become a Software developer:

Highly demanded:

The demand for software developers is drastically increasing because of the digital and technology dependency of the world. Digital technology is always playing a crucial part in our daily lives. The need for software developers is rapidly increasing, and almost all industries require software. So you can choose any of them like healthcare, automotive, green energy, technology, finance, military, and others.

High paid Job:

The community of software developers is growing day by day. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, it expects to increase by 20% between 2014 and 2024. The software developers get rank #2 in technology jobs. In the US, software developers have a high-paid job in most companies in 2021 and offer them bonuses, free medical facilities, paid leave, free apartments, and more. Here is a list of companies with the highest paying salary.

  • Oracle $116,514
  • Microsoft $116,967
  • Intel $117,643
  • Amazon $118,121

Interactive environment:

It is a great work environment that includes collaboration with teamwork, gathering software requirements, discuss issues with clients, software testing, and working with programmers. So, you have a balanced work-life besides sitting all day in front of a computer screen. Further, you have to work in high-quality and cozy computer laboratories that are the comfortable software environment.

Work remotely:

None of the other working environments allow working remotely except software development. If you want a 100% remote job, you come to the right field to work anywhere you want but with a decent internet connection. Also, it is the best comfort zone of working with your desire. 

Creative profession:

If you are creative and passionate about learning something new, you must go for software development. It’s not a designing or painting profession but a highly creative programming profession. You can do coding anytime when you are free with your creative thoughts. However, it’s a learning profession, and whenever you write a new program, you explore something new. All have to say you must choose software development and it’s not tedious to writing a program.

Build your own business:

Being a creative software developer, you can build your software products for a startup business. You can do it in your sweat bedroom without going to any office. So, you only need a domain name, hosting, and your precious time, then you’re in! It is a better profession as compared to doctors, lawyers, and civil engineers.

Freelancing opportunity:

Software developers can start their own business as a freelancer and work anywhere they want. According to the analyst, the average salary of software freelance is higher than the permanent job person. In the US, they expect to earn an average salary of $104,464 per annum. Well, here are the few benefits of being a software developer freelancer with no boss.

Future Scope:

There is a bright future for software developers because the world relying on next-generation technologies like artificial intelligence, robots, cybersecurity, custom software solutions, and the list goes on. So, these technologies always want software developer’s assistance. It is the perfect opportunity for software developers to support other engineers who seek technology solutions and innovative ideas

After reading the article, you may have an interest and passion for software development, and you think it’s too late to pursue a career in this field? No worries, it is never too late! And, it’s up to if you’re a creative problem solver, team player, and tech enthusiast. Software Development could be just an excellent profession for you. No matter how old you are?  Even if you completed your education years ago, you could still pursue your career as a software developer.

According to a government survey, 44% of software developers in the US have no related academic qualification for being a developer. Statistics have shown 41% have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, 12% have a Master’s degree in a related field, and only 2% have a Ph.D. in the relevant subject.

In 2021, we would dare you to find a better career pathway than a software developer! It’s a win. So stop wasting your precious time and get started to embrace your bright future in software development!

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