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I Had a Brain Fart Moment!

Apple Pencil + iPhone?
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I had a bit of a brain fart moment the other day, those who are subscribed to my weekly newsletter will likely know what I’m talking about.

But basically, I am a huge fan of the iPad and Apple Pencil combination. In fact, I would go as far as saying that my 2020 iPad Pro is my main computer. I mean, I use it for most of my daily computing needs as well as note-taking.

The iPad and Apple Pencil combo have practically replaced traditional notebooks for me, I absolutely adore taking notes on my iPad as well as writing on it and annotating things.

The other day, I was using my iPad whilst doing an online course. I used Notability (which is a great app) to fill in the workbook from the online course and I was also taking notes in Apple Notes of the things I have to action that I learned in the course. I guess it was a bit of a To-Do list.

That’s When I Had a Brain Fart!

Wouldn’t it be cool if the iPhone was compatible with some form of stylus pen similar to the Apple Pencil?

I mean the iPhone would make a great little notepad for writing down ideas and making quick notes when you’re out and about.

Yes, I know that Apple invented the iPad Mini, but I’m talking smaller and more portable. This would be especially beneficial for those who already have a larger iPad.

Some of you may suggest going with Samsung. I have had a Samsung Note 10 in the past, and I actually used the stylus a lot, but the one thing I felt was missing was the Apple ecosystem.

To match this idea, Apple would need to create a smaller Apple Pencil, one that could be easily transported with the phone, although a case might solve this.

Why Would This Be Useful?

As someone who has owned a Samsung Note 10 in the past, I think the idea of having a stylus with your phone is seriously underrated. I mean I actually used the stylus a lot for jotting down quick notes.

I even used it to write lecture notes at university from time to time! It was the perfect size to have in your pocket and take with you anywhere you go.

The phone proved to be particularly useful at work for noting down quick notes while I was out in the field and to be fair, it worked pretty well on my desk too.

Another area where I found the Note 10 to be useful, is during phone calls. You know when sometimes you have to write something like a reference number down and can’t find a pen or paper?

With the Note 10, I could easily jot it down on my phone and best of all, I knew that I wouldn’t lose the note as I would likely end up doing if I was to write it down on paper.

But the one area where I think this sort of technology will seriously excel is the Apple ecosystem. I mean Samsung has done a lot of great things to their own ecosystem, but in my view, I think Apple’s ecosystem is unmatched, especially when it comes to their apps and the way everything connects together.

Let’s Take Things a Step Further

To add to the idea, I think it would be great if Apple created a new Sticky Notes app which was compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Mac, so if you make a quick note on your iPhone, you also have the option to pin it either in a widget either on your desktop or iPad.

I think that this sort of thing would be the ideal solution as it has the potential of improving your productivity and making you generally more organised. It would also be great for students!

I mean it would make a great mini to-do list! It will also be great for when you are working on projects, you can make notes when you’re out and about and you can pin ideas to your desktop!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I could just buy an iPad Mini, I mean they’re pretty cool little devices, but if Apple made an alternative for the S Pen and either included it in the box or sold it separately, I would definitely buy it!

But, I doubt that it will happen any time soon or ever. I decided to write this brain fart out in the form of a blog post to see if others feel the same or whether it’s me going mad! 😆

Do you think that this is a good idea? Would you buy it if Apple decided to take this route? Let us know your thoughts, down in the comments!