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As a tech content creator and enthusiast, I try and test a large number of tech products, some of which become part of my everyday carry or as some like to call it “EDC”.

Whenever I go to work or travel I tend to take a lot of gadgets and tech with me but that’s not what this article is about.

That’s why I decided to narrow down my EDC to the 3 tech items I take with me unconditionally and surprise, surprise — they’re all by the same manufacturer!

📱 Pixel 7 Pro

At present, my go-to phone is the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Choosing the colour wasn’t an easy task as the phone looks stunning in all 3 colours, but in the end, I decided to go with Obsidian and it doesn’t disappoint! 

The Pixel 7 Pro is the second Google Smartphone I decided to go with after moving away from the Apple ecosystem and it doesn’t disappoint! 

For starters, it performs incredibly well even with the more demanding tasks such as recording 4K footage or even playing games. Lately, I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on it, which brought back a lot of memories! 

In everyday life, I can comfortably get a day out of the battery and that’s with me using it to browse social media and listen to music on Spotify. 

I think it’s worth mentioning that my daily routine begins with me waking up and putting the phone on charge on my Pixel Stand, I then only charge the phone when I’m out and about and I deem it not to have enough battery for my trip home, which tends to be rare. But from time to time, I do charge it in the evenings too. 

I’m currently using the Mous Limitless 5.0 case in leather which I recently reviewed on my YouTube channel. I think the case offers brilliant quality and best of all, MagSafe compatibility!

Overall, I think that the Pixel 7 Pro is a brilliant phone, and I’m not planning to change it any time soon!

⌚ Pixel Watch

My current watch of choice is the Pixel Watch which I’ve been daily driving since Christmas.

I have to admit, I’ve used many WearOS and even Android Wear Smartwatches over the years, but I think the Pixel Watch offers the best user experience. It just feels so nice to use!

In terms of performance, I haven’t really seen any major lag and the battery is actually quite good as shown in my day in life with the Pixel Watch video

The video shows me leaving the house with 100% worth of battery and it lasted me over a day, which is actually pretty good.

Up until recently, I’ve been using the default strap that came with the watch, but I decided to get something that looks a little bit more traditional. I got the Chofit Straps Stainless Steel Band which looks stunning with the Pixel Watch.

With that, I use the Ringke Dual Easy Film screen protectors which not only offer great quality but are also practically invisible! I also decided to get a charging stand so that I can easily charge the watch on my desk. 

So far, I’m incredibly impressed with the watch, I just wish there were more mainstream apps available for the WearOS platform.

🎧 Pixel Buds Pro

I test many earbuds on my channel, many of which offer great sound quality at a very reasonable price. But, the Pixel Buds Pro remain my favourite earbuds. Here’s why…

To begin with, I love the sound that these products, the bass is brilliant and they are clear enough to hear all the other instruments in the background.

The Pixel Buds Pro also offer a decent level of Active Noise-Cancelation (ANC) as well as a decent transparency mode. Best of all, I can enable both ANC and transparency from the earbuds without having to go into the settings.

As someone who uses them for work, I love the fact that they have Multi-Point Bluetooth which means that I can connect them to my phone and my work laptop at the same time. 

So if I’m working on my laptop and a call comes in, I can answer it with the earbuds without having to connect them to another device manually or take them out of my ears altogether. 

At present, my only complaint is that the charging case does tend to scratch easily, which is why I decided to get another case to put on top of it. I went with the Spigen Rugged Armor Case which is pretty good, but I’m seriously considering the Nomad Modern Leather Case

Overall, I think that the Pixel Buds Pro are a brilliant set of earbuds, especially if you commute using public transport.

Final Thoughts

I’ve had many Pixel devices over the years and I loved every single one of them, that’s why when Google released the Pixel Watch and the Google Pixel Buds Pro it was difficult not to want to purchase them, even though I was sceptical.

But that’s the thing, so far I don’t feel let down by any of these devices and best of all, Google are constantly releasing updates and feature drops for these devices.

I know that some of these features are already available on competing devices such as the recent addition of fall detection on the Pixel Watch, but at the end of the day, I’m happy with the fact that Google actually cares about releasing these features in the first place!