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It’s been ages since I last had an iPhone as my main phone. Looking at the upgrade options I had with my current network provider, my best option was the iPhone 12. In this article, I will explain the motive I had behind the switch, how the switching process went and how I feel about the Apple EcoSystem.

Why the Switch?

To begin with, I still am and will be an Android fan, it’s a great operating system, especially when it comes to customisation, performance and features, the phones are great too. Over the last few years, I had many great Android phones such as the Pixel 2, Pixel 3A XL, Pixel 5, Samsung Note 10, the list goes on! I even had a chance to use and test some of the less known brands such Cubot, Elephone and Doogee, all of which were interesting. But there’s one thing that all of these phones have in common and that’s the lack of a decent ecosystem that actually works as intended. The lack of an ideal eco-system that connects the devices together, was just one of the reasons for the move. The closest eco-system that I actually liked and used in the past was Samsung’s which allows the integration of Microsoft products and I see huge potential with that. For me due to the fact that most of the Samsung apps aren’t available on PC unless you have a Samsung laptop and the fact that the Note series is being discontinued were the final straws. I mean I absolutely love the Samsung Notebook, and the ability to note something down quickly with a pen. 

So you’re probably thinking, why didn’t I just get another phone from another manufacturer. Well, these aren’t the only issues I faced. I absolutely love the idea of smartwatches, but I still have to find an Android compatible watch that provides a decent user experience close to the one of the Apple Watch. I tried the Oppo watch, which was regarded as one of the best Android Smartwatches but I was deeply disappointed with the watch, yes Oppo have potential in this market but I believe that needs a lot more work.

It’s important to know that you can’t judge an operating system based on a phone that has failed you. I had many android phones, including flagship phones that have failed me, but that’s the beauty of Android, you might get another phone which you prefer. There’s no argument that if I was to recommend a brand of Android phones, I would either recommend Google Pixel or Huawei, (if you don’t kind not having access to Google on certain handsets), I had multiple handsets from both manufacturers and I loved all.

IOS Day 1 

I decided to go for the blue iPhone 12 because it’s different and I kind of like the colour. Buy on Amazon

I was seriously debating going for the 12 Pro Max, but I couldn’t justify the need for a phone as powerful as the 12 Pro Max. Obviously, the 12 doesn’t come with a power block which is a huge disadvantage to people who are switching to iPhone. I was lucky enough to find an old iPhone 6 block but the trouble is that it had a USB A connection rather than a C, and the iPhone 12 comes with a USB C to lightning cable. I had to order a new power block which cost me an extra £10, I just purchased a compatible one by UGreen which is a company I used in the past for many accessories and a highly worthy of my recommendation. 

I also purchased a case to keep the phone safe as I work in an active environment where the phone has the potential of getting damaged. I purchased the case by CaseKoo below…

The case cost me around £15, but it matches the colour if the phone perfectly and feels good in your hands. You can buy this case here.

In terms of other accessories, I also bought the Apple Watch SE 40mm Nike edition which is yet to be delivered and there will be a review coming up soon either to my blog or my YouTube channel, so stay tuned! For the time being, I will stick to my Garmin Instinct, which is an excellent fitness watch!

First Impressions

As I’ve only had the iPhone for around a day, it’s hard to do a reasonable review. I will be doing one in video form on my YouTube channel over the next couple of weeks. 

My first impressions are very positive, the screen looks great, the battery performs very well especially compared to my Note 10 that I need to charge at least twice a day, which in my view is poor. The camera is great too. Overall, the phone seems to function much better compared to the Note 10. 


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