Hello World – Welcome to my new blog!

About Me

Hello World! and welcome to my new blog! My name is Dominik but you can call me Dom. I’m a Computer Science Student by day, Tech YouTuber and blogger by night. My main interests are in Computers and Smart tech.

I first became interested in tech when I was a 5-year old kindergarten boy living in Poland. I don’t remember much from those days apart from going to my uncle’s house to play SuperFrog on a computer running MS-DOS. My passion for computers and technology has stayed with me throughout School and College where I gained a new passion for IT. Today, I’m studying towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computing at University.

Whilst I was at school, I saved up enough money to purchase a second-hand computer tower to use as a learning PC. It was a Dell Optiplex GX280 with an Intel Pentium 4, 1GB RAM, 40GB hard drive and Windows XP. This was probably my best purchase as I learned so much from taking it apart, installing various operating systems and even upgrading it to support Windows 10 Insider Preview, although this was a few years later.

Why I started this blog

Sharing is caring, therefore I decided to share my knowledge and experience with the world! From reviews of products I purchase to tutorials, people find these things useful. This isn’t my first blog, I launched my first blog when I was in College Student. The blog was a blogger hosted blog relating to Computing.

This blog will be related to my YouTube channel, however, I will write full reviews of products I test and experiences I encounter in the world of IT and Technology as well as my life as a University Student – sounds cool? Subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know of when I post!

What to expect from this blog?

If you like the tech industry, you’re in the right place! I will post articles about my experience in the world of IT and Technology as well as guides, reviews and anything relating to technology.

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